Life, is the most complicated thing ever

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I suddenly wonder what the fuck my existence is for...

Millions of people walking the same Earth as I am, with many thousands of people dying each day.. Life is so unpredictable isn't it? It's like so fast paced that everything can happen with a snap. I don't wanna miss out on my childhood.. It's like if I were to stop doing something, I'd get lost forever.

Damn I really hate emo moments like that.
But I just feel that life is so short.

Some people regard fame as the reason for their existence, while some pursue for wealth; the others - the hunger for knowledge in life, while some just live for the love of their life..

But affairs of the heart is so complex and unpredictable.. So many people around the wolrd are dying for others who are so fucking unworthy of their love. The person they love foolishly cheats on them, physically abuse them yet they can love them unconditionally.. Children murdering their parents(?!) Children getting raped and dumped?

I know it's the fucking harsh reality but life is supposed to be something beautiful because you only get to live once, why go spoil it?

So if someone ain't treating me right... I need to be strong enough to let go.

I need to make my stand, and no matter how much I may love that somebody, I am only a human being afterall.. I believe I deserve to be happy.. And time will heal all wounds..

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