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Monday, January 09, 2012

A surprise visit by my dearie pie! He came by and we went to Summerbreeze for booze, then Chompchomp for supperz, and went Pasir Ris Farmway for prawning!

It was damn epic though. I pulled the prawn and the prawn flew and got stuck on the rooftop with a loud thump! HAHA. Everybody was laughing because I think they kinda pity the prawn :/ Oh well... Always have a great time with dear!!

This coming Tuesday we're going down to Joan Bowen Cafe recommended by Louis. It's a date with my dearie, but more of a meaningful one because the staffs there have special needs. Can't wait for this meaningful date!

I feel there's more stability in our relationship now because we stopped having cold wars with each other, and instead, there's more understanding and effort put in :)

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