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Friday, January 20, 2012

Suddenly, the feeling is back......

During that period when I was still working at BBC, I used to love to stand at the coffee bar area so I could see his tattoo-ed hands and his wristlet, skilfully cutting up carrots or either preparing dishes. The sight of it made me feel so so so attracted to him. The feeling cannot be described..

Since I quit BBC, I kinda forgot how it feels like, from the very first time I saw him, and those times when I'd just stand there and get all distracted by his presence. However that day when I went to look for him, I had to wait a while more for him to knock off. As I stood at the coffee bar talking to Janice, I looked in and I saw his hands.. The feeling came back. My heart started to pump really fast, and there were suddenly butterflies in my stomach again. The warm fuzzy feeling was taking all over me.. It made me realise how much I miss working at BBC (with my previous colleagues: Hil, Ezan, Mel, Khai, Arfian) and because of BBC, I learned so many things, I got to meet so many wonderful people, and of course, him. It also made me realise that I fell for him was because he was so sexy in the kitchen. HAHAHAHAHA. Joking. It was the thrill.. I remembered we used to peck at the back when no one was looking. So much excitement. Damn.

I can never be thankful enough, thank you fate

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