Under the scorching hot sun @ the Zoo

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Monday was love's off day, so we decided to make a trip down the zoo!!! :)

HOWEVER, I waited for him at North point @ Yishun Mrt for 2 hours. Pfft. All because he fell asleep. Surprisingly, I was't pissed off, because I know it'd spoil the mood for zoo that day. When he woke up, he rushed down and meet me :)

We had our breakfast at Yishun's famous hainanese chicken rice. Super yummy!
Then we took a bus and changed at Mandai road.

Snapped some photos since we were bored..



Just so you know, there is a special promotion going on for the month of February! It's ONE-FOR-ONE ticket for Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park!

For our tickets that day, it costed $20 nett for two people :)

Bus came and off we go!

Yay!! In the zoo ^^

 Upon arriving at the zoo entrance, near to the shop, there were many small monkeys on the trees! They were called Cotton Monkey if I'm not wrong? 

You can actually see the monkey carrying its baby on its back. Loving!

Looks like a squirrel huhh 

It's tiny! 

A Close up. The face isn't very erm... pleasant to look at.

Went in a little deeper and we were prompted to take our photos with the parrots. I asked the zookeeper if they'd peak our heads or something -_- 

Went to the bridge and there were many trees, crocodiles, mousedeers and monkeys!

This photo is damn funny lah!!! Look at how the monkey kept staring at him.

Took a picture with this monkey that has a orange mane around its head like a lion. But it looked away -_-

This is how it looks like... Weird looking :S 

A cute mouse deer spotted! 

Can you spot the crocodiles? 

Huge soon-to-be extinct crocodile

Feeding time for the monkeys! 

Nom nom nom 


Next stop was the cute... damn I forgot what is it.

Can you spot them? Their exhibit is pretty smelly because they marked most of the rocks with their spotting to claim that it's their territory.


Monkey. Looks like a panda! hehe

Fat Cow Seal!!!! Super duper cute. I read that it was too fat to swim.. As you can see its fin doesn't allow it to swim fast. 

 Hehe many cow seals!

How do these birds ever balance themselves? Lol 


Next, we went for the Zoo's show!
It was quite interesting, however we missed the other half of the show, so there were not much animals performing :(

Orangutan teaching the crowd how to open up a coconut in 1 sec!


Furry little friends!

Pretty much enjoyed the show.

After everything ended, it rained quite heavily :(
The primary school children were taking out their raincoats and wearing them. Missed those days when our school brought us to the zoo. So fun :)

When the rain stopped a little, we went on with our zoo excursion Hehe.

 it was still drizzling, and we could see monkeys slowly coming out and played with the water!

 "I've got a companion!"

 Can you spot the monkeys? Hehe the shelter helps to keep them away from the rain!

Next stop, Ethiopia's village!

It does give off the african village vibe... 

 How cute!! 

 The statues are mostly women, as you can see the saggy nehneh. HAha

 This must be our favourite spot. BABOONS WITH RED ASSES.

 The picture speaks it all.

 Move that ass baby

 Land of red asses

 I liked how the Zoo provided us interesting facts about every area of the Zoo. I kinda learned alot that day.

 Rice hut.

 Stonewares, pots?


 Common animals in Ethiopia.

 Gigantic tortoises.

 Rock Hyrax. I really don't like the look of it. RODENT.

Damn, back to the baboon exhibit.
We went back to the air conditioned whereby we can see baboons in FULL view.

 Finding food.

 This looks like someone I know.


 Wah this one is pretty good. It could stay there without falling off, considering the rock was pretty steep.


 I liked this cos it looked cute!

 Gotta tell you guys about this baboon. It was probably the fiercest I've ever encountered. Love stared at it and made some funny faces, and it stared at us in fury and BARED ITS TEETH AT US. It was fucking scary I swear! When I went back home, I googled about it and they said that ANY monkey should not be stared directly in the eye becoz they will go into defensive mode.

And oh yeah, there was this couple baboon making love just right in front of us. Through the ass. Urgh.


Went off to look at other animals since we stayed pretty long at the Baboons' exhibit.

 I LOVE HIPPOS. They are the cutest thing ever!

 Do you know that they can stay under the water for 6 minutes without breathing? That is why they have a large volume of blood compared to mammals. And they are too heavy to swim, so they have to tiptoe on rocks in water.

Next stop, WHITE TIGERS!

They were actually lazing at the back but suddenly they came out and posed for us. I kept on persisting to Love that I was the one who made them came out because I kept on pressing the tiger "mating" sound. Haha.


Act strong

Fat hope that he'll defeat the tiger

Haha alright, just normal elephants. But still, super cute!!!!!
 Playing with one another

They looked pretty old 

This one was caught playing with itself. But it was super cute!!

Hehe my bf more cute though.


I love this picture. I thought it was really sweet!! :)

 Orangutan sleeping!


NEXT STOP - THE REPTILES' HOUSE. Cold blooded animals house.. :'/

 Komodo lizard!


Fat piece of lump here.. They eat people ya know? haha. 

 SNAKES. My greatest fear but I kinda like them. Haha!

 This is awkwardly scary... :/


 This one looks pretty evil. Staring at us with its yellowish eyes..

 I liked this! Cos it looked quite cute. hahah!

 Cat Fox? Haha, it's quite cute. But the EYES was SCARY-HUGE. Literally..



Next stop was the Children's area that has all the cute animals!!!

 This baby goat is SUPER CUTE.


 Mama Goat!


THIS IS TO EVERYONE. FACE YOUR GREATEST FEAR. Almost all my friends are afraid of cockroaches. Hahaha 

After the children's area, we decided to go home since the Zoo was about to close.. walked past some exhibits along the way.

 Zzzz toads -_-

 I swear this is the weirdest toad ever?

 Ducks on the loooose!


 Mousedeer, agaiN! ^^

Cheeetah. or is it leopard? HAha.

Goodbye zoo!!!

It rained the moment we got onto the bus. Luckily it didn't rain when we were still walking :)

Well since the weather was cold, it was a perfect time to sleep..

Yes, he's falling asleep -_-

Super lazy eh youuu

Okay he really fall asleep alr -_-


Only had 3 hours of sleep that day so the moment I went home after our dinner at Ion Orchard, I plopped onto the bed and fell asleep. Tiring but fun day!

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  1. nice pictures and comments...i was looking for sample images of s100.... liked your images...also felt happy recalling my first and only visit to spore zoo back in 2003/4... thks

  2. To Faraz Khan: Thank you for your kind comment! Haha, you should visit it again.. They're planning to open new attractions there :)


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