2D1N at Celestial Resort, Pulau Ubin!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Had a super impromptu trip to Pulau Ubin on Monday as the week before, Jessie sold me a couple of coupons to Celestial Resort for $50 each :) 

What was included was snorkelling/kayaking, fish feeding,(Super close to the stingrays!!) 2D1N stay at Celestial resort, free bicycle rental, free breakfast, welcome drink (a plastic cup of fruit punch, LOL), fish spa.

Overall, the experience was pretty good!
Monkey and I enjoyed the snorkelling/kayaking, feeding the stingrays, biking around Pulau Ubin island :)

On Monday I met up with Monkey at Changi Village for a late brunch, hangout with his long-lost friend before heading to the ferry terminal and catch a bumboat to Pulau Ubin!

He's hopeful that he'll catch something decent at Pulau Ubin later on

 While waiting for more people to come, we spotted a cute cat sleeping on the bench!

 My monkeyyyyy

 Pretty excited!

 Love love love love

It was quite cheap as it only cost $2.50 per person for the bum boat ride! :)
A 10-minute ride from Singapore to Pulau Ubin.. The seabreeze was shiok!!!

Finally we reached!!!!!!!!:)
It's a complete different environment from the bustling Singapore city.
Welcome to the rural side of Singapore!!!!!

At the jetty ^^ 

As we arrived in the late afternoon, you can see the tide is getting higher :)

Opposite- The urban area of Singapore!

As seen, the waves are super strong and they even splashed onto the bridge!

Heeeeee my darling baby

Okay this pic super awkward cos we stand abit too far HAHAH. my bag was too bigggg!!!!

Anyway, there were alot of BIG HUGE stray dogs around. So if you're scared of big dogs like me.... be prepared to feel wary and frightened constantly. :/

Lucky he was there to protect me hehehe

Anyway we had to take a taxi-van to Celestial Resort, the resort in which we'll be staying! $6 for two people for a trip :) The uncle was like, "Faster faster! Later going to flood already"

And it was kinda true. When the van was passing through this particular bridge, the water level was already at the tip and it was sooooo going to flood.

Anyway, we took a van with these two kind aunties who were there to visit the local temple. Had a nice chat  with them :)

Spotted this cute little furry friend

Finally we reached!!!!!!!!

The environment was pretty decent.
Quite nice for a island like Pulau Ubin.

There were alot of people waiting for available rooms as they were still cleaning out the rooms. So little staffs. There was only one person tending to all the customers at the reception counter.

Felt a little sorry for her.
Anyway, did a little trick and she gave me to go first and we took the double bed room!! :)

Here's our simple but kinda cosy room!!!!!!!!!!!


Hehe, after that, we went out to venture around the resort!
Totally love the beach lagoon area!!!!! 

Many stingrays inside! And look at the restaurant opposite!

The lagoon -This is where people do their kayaking and snorkelling 

Hornbill restaurant!

Happy darling

Happy fatgirl93

The water wasn't exactly clear/clean, but we could see the fishes! Super close to them!

We were feeding them thus the rapid movement!

Super close to the stingray! Hehe

Darling feeding the stingray :)

Super scary two head ant!!!!!!!

Can you spot the stingray? ;)

Don't worry they don't biteeeeeeee :)


And more stingrays......

My boyfriend and meeeeeee

Anyway he touched the stingray! It's quite adorable hehe

A group of fishes~

Next stop - Fish spa!!!!!!
Kids were doing it, but I was super afraid and I kept screaming -_-

So I ended up not putting my legs inside..

His legs

Look at the number of fishes attacking his leg. Super dirty lah!!!! hahaha


Hahaha my happy boy~

After that went back to feeding the fishes at the lagoon pond. 
They're so cute!!!

Looks like a shark I swear

Am in love with feeding all these fishes!

Anyway, we took a taxi-van back to the jetty to borrow bikes at the bicycle shops. I managed to bargain $1 down for our trip, so it's $5 for me and dear! hehe :)

Bicycle rentals are dirt cheap in Pulau Ubin! It only cost $10 for an overnight rental! Plus free bicycle lock, which is pretty advisable over there because basically you gotta travel everywhere with your bicycle.

After that, went to Sin Lam Huat restaurant and had an early dinner there. We decided to have it early since the bridge could flood anytime and we didn't want to risk anything :/

The aunties were really friendly and initially dear wanted to eat crab, so they keep giving us cheaper and cheaper price for it.

From $30 to $15-_-"

Nice painting done by some schools I guess? :)

Looks like a typical Ipoh restaurant

Loving the pictures on the wall!

Monkey pouting, deciding what to eat (He wants to eat crab but I DON"T EAT ANYTHING IN A SHELL URGH)

Our view from our table ^_^

Our bicycles baby 

Forgot to mention. I am so pissed off by the lady who told me that my bike will be better for me when cycling around Pulau Ubin. She gave me this auntie bike and it sucks!!! So hard to travel uphill and I had to exert such great force just to go up the slope. Zzzz. 

I cycled so slow thanks to the loser bike and I ended up getting sunburnt

Anyway back to our dinner.....

Anyway am loving my shades!!! My brother got it for me from Sydney :)

My bf ;)

Who thinks he is very handsome. -_-

Anyway all these photos at the back is taken by the auntie's son? 

Awesomez ;)

Monkey checking the photos out~

My essentials - Shades, Phone, and my handy Canon Powershot S100 (Feel so bimbotic with the leopard print Hello kitty Iphone cover but oh well)

Refreshing drinks for the day

His essentials - his red cap, Iphone and Oakley shades

We spotted this pitiful dog with his mouth tied up with some sort of black bandage :( Super poor thing!!! :'(

Anyway our food arrived after we camwhored a little..........

Prawn fried egg. Seriously I've never seen such a pathetic fried egg before. How can they present it like thissssssss?! I SWEAR I CAN FRY THIS AT HOME. And bloody hell this plate costed us $6 nabei

Dear is so sad that the fried egg is given in such a small potion :(

While waiting for the other dishes to be served......


Tsk zzzzzz

This photo is...... awkwardly retarded

Finally the sambal kangkong was served!

We can finally get to eat :)

Hungry dear

Anyway, the main dish we were waiting for is.....................

GARLIC PRAWNS!!!!!!!!!!!

I love to eat prawns.... AND HE KNOWS IT AND HE ACCOMMODATED ME :')
Sweet little things that he does always makes me super touched!

Looks sibeh delicious...

"Don't forget to peel before u pop it into your mouth pls ~_~"

After eating, i went to the toilet and I spotted this huge komodo lizard!!!!!

Eating leftovers

Turns out that this komodo lizard is the AUNTIES' PET!!!!!!!!!!

Hhahahaha! So cute!
The aunties were saying how well-behaved it is and it will do its own things after eating. Couldn't resist and take a picture of it!

Anyway, after eating we went to cycle back to our own resort ^_^

This is the bridge that will FLOOD occasionally. Look at the tide level now!!

Curious monkey

Really scary....

It was a long 3.3km we had to cycle to our own resort :/
There're slopes and as mentioned earlier, I had such a tough time cycling up. Zzz

Back to our roommmmm......

306- Our resort number!


After resting awhile in our room, Monkey wanted to try his luck at the resort's private jetty by fishing there. Anyway, it's free of charge!!!!! Just bring your own bait and rod and if you're lucky enough, you can catch some decent fishes back and Hornbill restaurant will cook it for you for free?

The resort private beach

Loads of hermit crabs here!

A viewing area :)

Apparently the sun was about to set......

A small abandoned ship

To the private jetty. I love this picture damnnnnn much! Seriously love my S100. 

A serene area perfect for fishing

Huge pond

Dear putting the bait


Time to fish!!

Reeling the bait.... Hopefully he'll get some good catch!

While his gf camwhore at the side bahaahha

Seems like there's no fishes isn't it?

"Maybe I've got something.."

"Change bait!"

Well, it was getting a little darker..... How can the sky be so beautiful!!!!!

He went on further to the other side of the beach to fish while I explored the beach :)

Hermit crabs? Hehe

Or are they snails?

Well, had a fun time exploring the beach! Didn't know they had such a rich biodiversity there :)

Some families also came down to the beach and played the fire thinggy~ Whatever it is called.

While dear is sad he couldn't catch any fish that day, hahaha

Oh well, our night ended like that~
The second day I woke up super early like 8am? Cos I wanted the free breakfast which would end around 10am :(

So yeah, barely had any sleep at all...

Day 2 - Here we go! At Hornbill Restaurant waiting for our breakfast with our free flow of tea and coffee ;)

And suddenly it gets a little long........

And I get a little fidgety in my seat....

I think my monkey is too in love with me cos he keeps taking photos of me discreetly but I posed in time, ;) AHAHA

Swollen eyes


An overview of Hornbill restaurant

Our view from Hornbill's

Been waiting for quite awhile so decided to camwhore!!!!!

Never really sleep still can look pretty decent, haha :P

My man and I

His double chin

Seriously? Waited for 30 minutes and still didn't arrive..
So watched people feeding stingrays instead :/

Stray dogs

Trying out the fisheye effect

Staff feeding the stingrays!

He got a little impatient with the slow service. Well, I was too!

yay my baby~

Saw this small lizard at the bank of the river

Looks like the one we saw at the restaurant earlier....... No?

Blue dragon fly!!!!!

Mating? Hehe

Taken by my monkey ;) He seriously needs to bring his DSLR the next time we go out,

FINALLY OUR FOOD ARRIVED AFTER WAITING FOR 1 HOUR. Look at the fucking small portion.


Lucky they had tomato sauce

Went back to our room to put down our stuffs, changed into swimming wear and complete the activities!!!!!!

Seriously why do guys have so much armpit hair.... HAhaha

Anyway I decided to go kayaking because I was a little scared of stingrays :S
So he went snorkelling and I went kayaking!

All ready to go!

So afraid my paddle would hit his head and he'd faint inside the water 

So cute ^.^


With my boyfrienddddddddd

Look at the fishyyyy!! 

YES, they're that close to me.

Some of the fishes were really beautiful!

The dark shadow is the stingray!

Can you spot the lizard going across the bridge? Haha

Monkey and I also had a friendly competition and we kayaked, and he didn't know how to row the boat -_- Hahaha

After 1 hour of the activity, we decided to go biking! And TO CHEK JAWA!!!!!!

I insisted that I wanted to go to the temple because the couple in front of us rode to the temple.

One bad decision because this stray dog kept following us and I almost teared :'(
SO SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway they had this tortoise pond and these tortoise keeps thinking that our fingers are food. Kept on coming near us!

Super loads of tortoise!

This is when we put our fingers inside.....

Look at how hungry it is!

Wanting to crawl out

Monkey decided that he wanted to buy food for these tortoise so we got a packet of food from the temple and fed them :')

Super cute!!!!!

Look at them fighting for food -_-

More tortoise swam towards us!

Picked up this baby tortoise and fed it! Super cute!

Hehe looked a little fierce ^.^

Anyway after that, we continued our journey to Chek Jawa under the scorching hot sun!

We just had to rest.. So many families that day were cycling to Chek Jawa :)


After much cycling, pushing our bikes etc, we finally reached Chek Jawa!!!!!
But we were told that it would be high tide since it was already 2pm, so we couldn't see starfishes etc :(

About to enter Chek Jawa!

This is the Atap seed! The white one in your ice Kachang :)

And that's meeeeeeeeeeeeee

Dear took this! I thought it was really beautiful :)

The mangrove swamp

Yes the tide is getting higher :(

Finally, the coastal boardwalk!

View is beautiful!

Back to nature againnnnnnnn!

Since the tide was pretty high, it wasn't that much to see.......
So we went back to our bicycle parking area and guess what we saw?!

WILD BOARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So cute please!!

They're practically hanging out with human beings at the park and everyone was snapping photos of them instantly. But I couldn't stand those screechy ah lians standing 2km away from it and screaming -_-

Me pushing my bike up hill!

THIS VIEW WAS MAGNIFICENT. The lake was super clean pls!!!!!!!

Damn beautiful!!!!!!!

Anyway, we checked out, cycled back to the shop and returned our bike.
Decided to try out the Pulau Ubin Seafood shop instead since it was always crowded. We were definitely in for a great surprise!

This was actually Small but the portion is huge!!!!!!! I swear it's damn nice. And so much more worth it that the one we had the 1st day -_-

And talking about fried eggs...... Yes. The portion is HUGE. This is what we should be paying for.

His favourite sweet and sour pork!


It was definitely worth the price and we had such a satisfying lunch before heading back to Changi Village :)

Oh well, I was sunburnt that day because of the sun. hehe, but I had fun though :)
Thanks to dear who always make our roadtrips so pleasant!

Love him!

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