Bits and pieces of Malacca

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just downloaded lots of Photoshop actions and these are the many effects I did on some of my photos in Malacca :)

Across our hotel

Red filter + Round border + Boost filter 

Seafood Korean Pancake

3D effect + Round Border

BBQ-ing beef slices @ Korean Restaurant

Blue-Green Filter + Round Border 

Mods Cafe for a cuppa

Old Photo Filter + Cracks  + Shadow

Mods Cafe's beer-can gallery 

Red Filter + Round Border

Latte with vanilla cookie

Old photo filter + Cracks  

 Fresh from the oven - Pineapple tarts at a shophouse

Old photo filter + Round Border

Laksa at Betty's

Blue filter + Vintage filter + Round border

Kinda missing my roadtrip to Malacca all of a sudden. 
Miss the happy, loving us.

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