Mid April~

Sunday, April 15, 2012

This week went for a movie date with my boyfriend!!!!!!!
Watched the new Thailand horror movie - Dark Flight. 

Well I thought the movie's plot was a little weird, but the ghosts were quite scary though. Some were quite funny but I feel abit uncomfortable for the next few days cos I was a little scared. Hehe

After that went for OHSHO Ramen at Cuppage plaza with dear! :)
I had tamago ramen and it was damn good!!

Hehe, then Friday went to meet up with Yanying and did manicure!!!!!!!!:)

Did dark red. It was a sexy red hehehe

Hanging out around Orchard~

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  1. Great pictures!

    xoxo M
    I just started my blog up again, please check it out on


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