A short trip to Ipoh with Mummy & boyfriend!

Sunday, September 30, 2012


I've been wanting to blog about my trip to Ipoh with Mummy and Dear for quite sometime but I've been so busy with internship!
Everytime I reach home I just want to go sleep..

Finally today I have the time to blog since I had a sufficient 10 hours of sleep BAHAHAH!

Been a while since I went back to Ipoh because of my studies :( Most of my holidays have to be committed to work/projects so going back Ipoh was just abit too rush for me. Thankfully, this time I had just enough time to go back for a week before internship starts!

Really excited because I was FINALLY bringing a boy back. The last time I recalled having a boyfriend everyone screamed and hated me HAHAHA. So yeah, this was quite a big deal and it made me nervous just by thinking how they'll react when they see him..

Took the coach on Sunday, 9pm and we reached Ipoh at about 4am. My aunts fetched us and we went to eat at our usual breakfast spot!

After that went back to my aunt's house and they actually cleared the room for my bf and I to sleep!! HAHA  such a drastic change... I kept on teasing them what happens if something happened between both of us and they were like, "you dare?"

Well, the first day we went to my aunt's cafe "Nice Desserts Cafe" at Glamour square. The business is picking up and I'm seeing more patrons than I did 1 and a half years ago! Still loving the homemade pizzas and yogurt ice cream! Yummy!


My 1st aunt doing the cashiering

Mocha Ice blended!

And oh yes! This is the cuppa that Dear did to show mummy and my aunt.. They were impressed!

Well, we were a little full from our light snacks but we still have to make a visit down to my uncle's shop because I miss my cousin so damn much!!!! She's turning 4 this year (i think?) and she IS SO WITTY AND INTELLIGENT. 

And my uncles are such great cooks baahahha. 
That goes the same for my mum too ;p

Oh well anyway, wanted dear to try out my uncle's cooking!

Red table for us siol... HAHAH!


Dear and me!

Feel really overly excited cos I was back at Ipoh.. this time with my boyfriend. My brother's busy with his school so he couldn't come back.. And yes I felt empty. In fact, I know all of us do.

After the sumptuous dinner, (SUPER DELICIOUS) we went to the karaoke lounge, to sing some songs because my grandmother is ALWAYS joining singing competitions.

Ended the night by singing :)

Day 2:
Uncle Fei Lou (that's what we call him.. and it's Fatty in cantonese :/) brought us out for a tour! Not that we needed a tour but because it was Dear's first time in Ipoh, so all of us decided to go! Even my aunt took a break from the cafe and joined us!

First stop, we went to eat the super expensive bowl of minced pork noodle. And the pork is seriously huge... AND IT'S RM 6! It was considered really expensive in Ipoh but still there were so many customers in the shop :) It was our first time (yes, even my mum's) eating here so we just had  to try it out! Recommended in newspapers and word of mouth and all..

Can't wait to eat the RM 6 noodles!

Kanchiong spider ready to eat!

The kway tiao in Ipoh  is really different from Singapore's. The kway tiao is much more smoother and thinner compared to the ones in Singapore, which is quite thick and rough -_- 

HAPPY MEAL! We really loved the soup base!!!!! Omg I love anything with pork.. especially pork soup based ramen :)

Our next stop:
Cave Temple!

While in the car with my aunt!

Finally, we reached.. Uncle's car was so hot that despite the aircon at full blast, we were all still sweating like pigs -_-

Anyway, the cave temple is one of the few attractions that every tourist have to visit. Been here since I was a toddler so it was no stranger to me. There're a few temples and every one of them is different!

Ling Sen Tong (the first temple!)

I really liked this temple 'cos it's so pretty! And the scenery is BEAUTIFUL. Really.

There's this bowl placed under the Cai Shen Ye so if you get to toss the coin into the bowl you might just win 4D ;)

Mummy and aunt trying out

My aunt insisted that we have to take this photo because it's the marriage god or something? Hahahha *shy*

Oh and she insisted that I HAVE to take this photo too..... just cos the dog has 8 nipples wtf LOL

The second level of the temple

And the top!

With pretty views :)

The second temple we went to was a much more peaceful one. Not much god statues there but rather, more trees and there's even a tortoise pond for you to feed them!

However that day we went, the aunties selling the vegetables weren't there so we didn't get to feed the tortoises..


The Guardian

The Parrot


Here's the tortoise pond! Loaded with loads of tortoises.. But I wonder what happened to all the HUGE ones :(

This is a new temple and it's so... surreal. Build entirely between the mountains and seems like there's no one inside?

After the visit to the mountain, our next stop was - the famous Bakery!
i didn't even know it existed until that day when Uncle Fei Lou brought us all there.

Selling famous hiong pang. There were so many people in the shop earlier and everything they baked is FRESH from the oven!

Bought a few packs and headed to our next destination!

You can see the pigeons flying cos Dear went to chased them -_-

I guess Uncle Fei Lou was a little hungry so he brought us to the famous Kaya toast shop nearby!
Omg I was so in love with the kaya toast..

Kaya PIE and Egg tart!

The inside of the egg tart was filled with STEAMED egg. So freaking unique please! And it was good!

And I love this kaya pie.. Been so long since I last ate it :P

And the chiffon bun!


YES, the kaya toast is the best!!!!!!! So please stop telling me the one at East Coast road in Singapore is damn nice cos it taste like SHIT. THIS is the real deal!

Next stop:
Taman Gunung Lang!
This is a new attraction built by the government earlier this year.. Not much people know about it yet.. Even my aunts and uncles!

I thought this place was like some kind of cave visit but it wasn't! We were in for a huge surprise cos there was a HUGE ASS lake right in front of us with thousands of catfishes fighting for food in the lake!

There're even yachts to bring us around for touring about the lake

Look at the fierce catfishes fighting for food as we unload the whole pack of bread loaf to them! Hahaha So shiok to see them like that 

Decided to take a boat ride around the lake! So excited!

It was so smooth!


Uncle Fei Lou explaining something

Reaching the next "island!"

Thank you our lovely boat operator!

The moment we stepped out of the boat, my aunt spotted this banana tree with SO MANY BANANAS that she said "MUST TAKE THE PHOTO! SO RARE TO SEE BANANA TREES THESE DAYS!" 

I was like..... -_-" 

So yes green bananas at your face

The island was a little boring. Had a few animals but the cages/house they were living in were obviously neglected. Not in a very good condition :(

Oooh and empty kampung houses!

US :)

After that we went to see........................



No, the feets belonged to the ostriches! Omg they looked so much like the dinosaurs'...

The ostriches were really cute!!

Chirp chirp.. Okay wait. Do they churp?!

My aunt and mum kept saying, "Oh looking at the thighs.. so hungry right now" -_-

And there were deers too!

Climbed to the peak of the building and this was the entire view of the lake!


We conquered the whole island!

Went to feed the tortoises and fishes before heading back to the previous place..

I couldn't stop thinking about feeding the fishes so Uncle Fei Lou bought one whole packet of popcorns and shoved them all into the lake -_- You should see how crazy were all the catfishes! Wheee

Literally flying out of the lake!

And yes.. Me feeling so pleased at the sight of it. 

After that, we felt a little tired but still, went for the most delicious dessert in Ipoh!

Tang Shui! (糖水)

AND MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE FRUIT ICE CREAM PLATTER. And it's only RM 5!!! SO freaking cheap considering the variety of fruits in it? And it taste FREAKING NICE

Next time, remember to visit this shop!

And yes, this is just our tea time "snack", LOL'

So after our tea time snack, we actually went to the biggest Jusco in Ipoh to shop! Bought a pair of heels (on sale) from Vincci and some other stuffs. After that proceeded to Pasar Malam to get my Scheming Beauty Mask but they were out of stock ARGH!

Next Stop:
Dinner @ Lou Wong
Yes, our first time trying out the Ipoh chicken hor fun here but it was seriously damn good! In fact better than the one we always go to (and my darling Raymond Lam too)


Look at the meatballs and fishballs.. YUMMY

And the chicken!!!

Chicken Feet! (I'm not a fan, but maybe you guys might like it)


Lou Wong's ipoh hor fun! Really good :)

After that we went to do some shopping at the Malay Pasar Malam just right next to Lou Wong but there aren't anything to buy..

Next Stop:
Sky Lounge @ MH Hotel!

On the way in my aunt's car :)

First time there since it's newly built and it was so nice!! I thought they could change it into a outdoor club instead? How f*king cool will that be!!!!!

My Lychee Liquer yum yum,, drinking it in front of my mother LOL

Well, we were so tired that day that the moment we lied on the bed we just fell asleep! Really a damn good tour man ;P

Day 3
Lunch at Mistress Road.
Decided to give this restaurant a try because uncle keep on recommending us that this is seriously damn good. So yeah..


It was quite inside and this street is called Mistress Street. In the past all the rich guys' mistresses stayed along this lane. Such jerks they were

Finally a table was available!

First dish: Cockles/Mussels?


AND MY ALL TIME FAVE EGG(Consisting of salted egg, normal egg and I forgot what egg lol)

Chicken soup!

AND I LOVE THIS VEGETABLE. I normally don't really eat vegetables cos I hate them, but this is really damn good!!!!!!!!!

The hugeass fish that took about 1/4 of our table?!

I guess out of all the days we stayed in Ipoh, the lunch at Mistress Street was one of the best.. Omg :')

Went to the original Old Town kopitiam to buy their white coffee. And yes, it's the original one! Not the outlet ones you see in Singapore. They started out in Ipoh and slowly expanded to so many different regions of Malaysia and Singapore!

Passed by this shop selling seafood stuffs.. 
Wonder if the shark head is real? Cos it's smiling! Lol

Dear drinking his white coffee~

And guess where was our next stop?

Missed those times I came here with my brother and cousin.. We had the times of our lives man!

I didn't have much photos cos my camera died even before entering Lostworld :( Shucks!
Oh well, we really did have a nice time.. After that, we even went to Jusco to eat Johnny's Restaurant! Yummy :)

Day 4
Manicure+Dear dyed his hair!
Went to my favourite nail salon and did my nails! They're so skilful and the designs are always so NICE. Mummy also loved their services and we did our nails together!

The queen and princess :P

After that, went to Wars Salon cos dear wanted to highlight his hair!

Me in NYX lipstick Strawberry Daiquiri shade from Smoochiezz! Love the shade!

Dear & I in the car on our way to Parkson for some shopping! :)

Such a good face day.. LOL

Did a lot of shopping and we bought couple dust caps for our iphones!!

And guess what?
Dear bought me a Instax Mini 7S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg I was so overjoyed :)

Tested out some shots with the polaroids. Love the vintage feeling to it!

Well, felt really happy!
Anyway dear haven't tried the KL Hokkien Mee aka Dai Lok Mee cooked by my uncle so here it is!

I think it's really good? But my 2nd uncle's Dai Lok Mee is seriously the best! However he was working at somewhere else :(

Took pictures with my baby COUSIN!!!!!!!! LOVE HER SO MUCH :) But this photo turned out so funny! We agreed on taking the photo but when I saw the picture, all of us burst out laughing cos her expression was so damn funny! HAHAHA

Hehe so cute!! 

Love this photo :) She's getting more comfortable taking photos!

Polaroids taken with her :)

Her with the rocker look yo!

And I'm very sure when she grows up she's gonna be the most beautiful girl ever, in the whole world :) Inside out. Love her so much.

Day 5
Our last day in Ipoh!

So lunch was obviously LAKSA.
It's a MUST TRY if y'all come to Ipoh!

Yes, this is the famous place well known for their Laksa. My mum said that even Channel 5 also made a trip down here to film the place. But trust me, it's really damn GOOD!

Felt really sad that we had to leave.. but because Dear had to start work the next day so we definitely had to go back :( It has definitely been such a lovely trip, love everyone so much and I hope to be back soon, this year!

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  1. May I know wer you had d kaya pie, chiffon bun & egg tarts ? They look yummy :)

  2. @Ling Evynn: Hey, I'm not too sure either.. But it was at the city area of Perak :) Because my family friend brought us around in a rush so I didn't get to see the name of the shop :(

  3. May I have the contact for the nail saloon ?

    1. Hi Michelle! Unfortunately I no longer have the contact for it. :( If I'm not wrong it's' called Kelly's Nail Salon :)


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