Well hello, September

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Can't believe school's over! Internship is starting this month.. And I can't wait :)
Hopefully the pay is enough for me to get a new laptop by then. Because the one I'm using is really slow and hangs from time to time. Can't even do anything on it :(

But before that, tomorrow I'd be going back to Ipoh to visit my relatives with Mummy and my Baby! :)

Can't wait :) 

Just wanna update on some overdue events. Every tuesday was both of our OFF day, so we went out on a date!

Wearing my new romper that I bought online! But I forgot which blogshop x_x hehe.

Whee super happy :)

We look so compatible here huh... Even in real life also. Heheh so compatible we look like a married couple HAHA.

These few days I've been actually googling up good food in Singapore using hungrygowhere. I think the reviews there are rather reliable. Also, I've been following ladyironchef on Instagram so he's been recommending places like Chin Mee Chin Confectionery at East Coast Road. 

Decided to go there for our brunch!
It's a typical old kopi shophouse along the stretch of shophouses at East Coast Road. The people working there (Owners, I assume) were quite old and it looked like the original Old Town back in Ipoh Perak which I always frequent when I was young! (It's not the modernized Old Town, but really the OLD & Original Oldtown)

Thought the food is nice.. We ordered out 2 chiffon cupcakes, 2 eggtarts, 2 kaya buns, 2 soft boiled eggs and 2 drinks. And it totaled up to $9.90! I was so damn shocked. Hello? The portions were actually quite miserable and it wasn't even filling.

This was the eggtart. I had to admit that the eggtart was good. I'm not a big fan of eggtarts (in fact, I hate them) but this really made me changed my mind.


The chiffon cupcake we ate was just okay.. It was quite dry and didn't taste that good though.
We ordered the soft boiled eggs and they were actually 3/4 cooked already. So it was more like eating hard boiled eggs?

We also ordered the kaya bun. I saw the review somewhere when somebody commented it's the only shop they knew that has kaya bun, not the usual kaya toast. Like seriously?

I think they have been living under a rock all this while.

Reviews online were quite favourable, but in my opinion, they were SO ordinary. I think the kaya bun at City Plaza is so much better though. The one I had at Chin Mee Chin Confectionery was quite cold, soggy and the portion is indeed miserable. 

The bun was cold that the butter didn't even melt at all.. It's supposed to melt to complement the kaya.

Dear didn't like the coffee very much though. He said that Killiney's coffee was much better than this and my milo was super diluted. 

I doubt we will be coming here anymore.. Even though it has many good reviews but I don't trust Singaporeans' tastebuds. Seriously wtf. As I have mentioned in my previous post, the "top rated" KL hokkien mee in Singapore was so soggy and I can't believe all the good reviews about it.

It's time to trust my own tastebud!
Anyway, to make up for our miserable brunch, we went to Chong Qing at Liang Seah Street for dinner! Super happy :) It's been quite long since Dear and I went there. We met up with my mummy since she was also at Bugis. 

It's a Sichuan restaurant and they are famous for their fishes!!!!!
We ordered their Seabass with Fragrant Spicy sauce with potato and enoki mushrooms, with a sidedish of Sweet & Sour eggplant.

It's the ENTIRE fish and it's only $28 for such a yummy feast! It's actually big enough for 4 people to share :)

It was Dear who actually recommended this place to me. It's seriously good!

Even Mummy said that the fish was yummy too! Now by just blogging about it, I'm also hungry... x_x

Yesterday, met up with my two lovely pals, Yanying and Jeslyn to catch up with one another! YY and I met up at Oldtown at Cineleisure first to have our dinner while waitng for Jeslyn to end her work at Sentosa.

Don't have much pictures from yesterday in my camera.

YY and me! :)

Bought my transparent Iphone cover at Cine and it's only $2!!!!!!!! YY bought her iphone sticker (front and back) and it's also only $2! Mad cheap can!

Met Jeslyn at a super late timing so we went to CentrePoint's Macdonalds to chill out and chat about her kinky adventures at Seychelles. Haha! Super funny and entertaining!

After that, all of us went home while Dear came to pick me up :)

Love spending time with people I love!!!!! (:

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