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Thursday, October 11, 2012

These few weeks working as an intern, having to adjust to the 8.30 - 6 office hours is definitely no easy feat.
Over the past few weeks, I've developed:

1) Severe, and I mean ABSOLUTELY SEVERE dark eye circles
2) Huge eyebags...................
3) Pimples. 'Nuff said.
4) All sorts of weird pain all over my body. Especially headache!
5) Excessive eye shit
6) Possibly even gain lots of weight

Every night I dread the idea of having to sleep late, knowing the next morning I have to wake up FREAKING early. Oh gosh..

 But one awesome thing about my workplace is.........

The people are so nice!
Everyone is SERIOUSLY nice.

That's something I am so happy about! :)

On the first day of internship, in fact, my boss actually treated us to Astons Specialties!
 Ordered grilled fish :-) Don't look tempting but it taste pretty good.....

Just going to blog about some events last month?
I finally went to Jcube for the first time! Dear and I went there during one of the days when I was still on MC, and yes, shopping waits for no (wo)man! Sickness is not an excuse to stop shopping, isn't it? Hahhaa.

Went to their Miyoc outlet and bought this uber chic dip dye denim vest!

 Freaking chio, and it's even better in real life!

Well, since pay day was near, I got myself some apparels from several blogshop.. My most recent purchase was from Missypixie! I bought their maxi dress in a really pretty light turqoise shade and that is SO my birthday dress :P

Bought some clothes from Vauntcloset as well!
Wore one of their asymmetrical pattern peplum top on a Friday when I was on my way to Blackbird Cafe to find dear~

 Asymmetrical pattern peplum top is from Vauntcloset :)

Since I was wearing a peplum skirt that day, I just tucked it in! Love it! 

Despite several attempts to SAVE MONEY, I figured out I might as well just give up. Went to eat dinner at Blackbird Cafe and my boyfriend whipped up a SPECIAL meal for me!

And yes, he combined all my favourite food in the whole.....................
 Mushroom, prawns, scallops are my favourite food in the world!! And this, was just heavenly.

On another lovely Saturday, when Dear worked 4pm, we decided to pay a visit back to Chockfull of Beans again for a late brunch, and they are just conveniently located at Changi Village!

This time, I decided to try out their mango ice blended with real juicy mango bits and whipped cream on top of it :) It was absolutely DELICIOUS. I just couldn't get enough of it! 

Ordered my Portobello Mushrooms with Eggs Benedict! And had a failed attempt at taking a decent polaroid photo.. Sigh but still~

Anyway the past few weeks Dear has been around for almost everyday. He even TRANSFORMED one of my house's old furniture into a brand new one! 

This is actually a fishtank holder but it got rusty so we were quite worried it might give way and break the fish tank. But Dear bought new paint (specially meant for rusty metal) from Homefix and gave it a brand new look!  

After that, he went to OTF aquarium and bought some aqua plants and rocks!

Look at how Dear's arranged the rocks! It's so pretty! Like a garden......

The aquarium has made the house a lot more livelier, together with the newly bought shrimps and tetra fishes!

So proud of him...
I was actually thinking how much we could actually save in the future if we just get old furnis from the gurunguni man and revamped them into brand-new looking ones! But prolly the idea wouldn't last long 'cos I'm not a fan of.. old stuffs user. Heheh :/

Been loving my Instax mini polaroid so much that I guess most of my pay is also spent on instax films? Just recently bought Hello Kitty instax films from Gadget Passion's warehouse.. In fact ,they are prolly the cheapest around in Singapore!

Dear insisted I use it during the month of November... 'cos it's *ahem*, my BIRTHDAY!

Well as seen on my wall, You can already see how frequent I've been using my polaroid..... Hehehe :)

Also bought some stickers to decorate my polaroid! 

Advanced Birthday Celebration for Mummy at Boon Tong Kee!
Well, we decided to give this a try for Mummy's birthday.. and wonder what's all the fuss about!

The outlet we went to was at East Coast Road, and by dinner time (On a Sunday), it was considerably packed. The waiters and waitresses were busy serving customers that somehow, they also mixed up our order which made us feel abit..... :/

Anyway, Mummy loves sea cucumber so we ordered Sea Cucumber and Mushrooms! ($24)
The mushrooms were pretty juicy.. I didn't get to eat the sea cucumber but it was finished within 10 minutes so I assume it was good too? :)

 Boon Tong Kee is well-known for their chicken rice, so of course, their chicken has to be of substantial quality. I thought that the sauce was really nice, but the chicken was cold.........

This seem like any other ordinary vegetable dish, nothing special, but nothing bad about it either. 

Steamed Egg - consisting of 3 different types of eggs. It was the ultimate dish we were looking forward to, but we were greatly disappointed. The steamed egg was so soft that it literally melted in our mouth. It was pretty bland and we thought it was a waste of money.... 

 Overall, I don't think I will be coming here except for maybe their chicken rice. It's not a restaurant that serves GOOD food that makes you crave for more. Just a normal restaurant with normal standard food.

 After dinner, Dear sent my parents home and we went to Woodlands Harbour/Bay/Whatever for dating and coincidentally, it was also Mid Autumn festival!

 And of course, the one behind him..... is his second wife. :(

Yesterday, Dear picked me up from work and we went to Jurong Point's newly opened Malaysia's food street - Boleh Malaysia! I came to know of it after reading about it on the newspaper at work. They mentioned that the food served there are all originated from Malaysia's street hawkers.

Boleh Malaysia is located on the last floor of Jurong Point (Pardon me, I haven't been to Jurong Point before.. And how could I not have?! It was indeed a great mall!) and we were pleased by how the ambience was! It was like a typical food court, however, it did have a Malaysia food street feel to it with the "temporary stalls" with the nostalgic signboards. 

There were already a huge crowd and many people were actually hovering around occupied seats, waiting for them to finish or asking them if they could share seats. Some of the stall vendors are Malaysians, after hearing their accents and their fluent Cantonese.

We wanted to go and try their KL Hokkien Mee and we ordered a small one ($4.50) and the small, is REALLY SMALL. It was quite a miserable portion and I felt quite cheated? 
But it was really good! Even better than the one we tried at Geylang.. but at only half the price!

We also ordered Fried Carrot cake with oysters and something else which we didn't find that nice.

Guess the best dish was the KL Hokkien Mee!

Anyway, after our dinner, we went to Ji De Chi for dessert and it was full-house! Thankfully we still managed to grab a seat and was served promptly. They have Durian snow ice too!!!!!

I was so tempted to try it, but decided to stay focus on Mango snow ice ($5) instead. And the price wasn't that steep either, compared to the other snow ice shops in Singapore.

 Finally it arrived!

Look at the toppings! Yogurt pearls that burst in your mouth and nata de coco! This dish is the ultimate dessert for all mango lovers!

After dessert, walked around Jurong Point before heading to the nearby prawning site.
Well, I guess I got abit upset about some stuffs so yeah, all the crazy stupid girly drama happened. Tried to control how I felt but I just couldn't take it.. Guess it hit me kinda hard. There was so much hurt inside me and so many emotions and thoughts running through at the same time that I just didn't know what to do.

Dear decided to make me feel better by asking me if I wanted to chill somewhere for a drink? I was expecting prolly some bar but he brought me to his old workplace, One Rochester.

I was so in love with the surrounding and ambience that I couldn't take my eyes off everything. There weren't much people there and the ambience was so ROMANTIC!

And yes, we were sitting by the sofa, surrounded by pretty lights and trees..

One Caramel (top)

Ordered a Appletini for myself, and it surprisingly turned out really good and refreshing! Yum! 

Freaking dark eyes (from faded eyeliner) thanks to the drama earlier on.

And I love our sofa cushion seat! 

Well, we kinda had a mushy-serious talk about the future, and I wasn't really expecting much from him, but we started discussing on where we'd hold our weddings at, style of the wedding, the food preparation etc, as if we were really going to prepare our wedding anytime soon -_-

Guess he really made my day that I ended the night smiling and with a lighter heart!

Really love nights like this....
Feel so blessed and loved right now. :)

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