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Monday, November 12, 2012

As a hardcore shopaholic myself, I LOVE shopping so much that I can even go without eating dinner just to save the money for some top I saw in Forever 21.

Yes, my boyfriend knows that too. Hahaha.

And guess what?!

From 9 November to 31 December onwards, Genting is having this late night shopping event at First World Plaza and all shops will be opened from 10am to 1am!!!!

I've been wanting to plan a trip there to Genting with my boyfriend since forever because it IS my favourite place of all times since I was young.

When I was in secondary school, my aunt will never fail to bring us to Genting for a short getaway, and one of the thing that I love about Genting, other than their food, is their shopping!!!!

Don't think that since Genting is situated on top of some mountain they don't have much shopping. In fact, they have one of the best shopping destination in Malaysia!!!!!!!

It's comfortably cold, since it's on top of the mountain. And where in the world do you get to shop for clothes/gifts on top of the mountain?! Nowhere except for Genting of cos!

My Mum and I used to frequent U2, Voir and Padini because they have QUALITY and AFFORDABLE apparels! And we'd shop for gifts for our relatives during the christmas season, because they'd be selling so many cute x'mas bears!!!

Can't wait to go back to Genting again..
And the best time is NOW, because all shops are opened till 1am!!!!!!

Genting, where entertainment, good food (seriously miss the bak kut teh at level 1 of First world plaza) and shopping are all in one place.................

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