Happy 1st year anniversary!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On the 14th of November this year, marks the 1st year that Dear and I have been together!
I've been so excited because it's of course, another day whereby we can dress up, go on a date, and celebrate this special day :)

It feels even more special than Valentine's Day! (duh..)

But this year, I'd be working on the 14th so decided to celebrate it on the 13th itself. It was also Deepavali! Which was public holiday so I need not go to work :-)

Yep, wanted to go Gardens by the Bay for the longest time ever but we didn't have the chance to since both of us were busy and only free at night.

So that day was a good day to explore that new attraction that was opened earlier this year!

On our way...
Dark, gloomy  clouds :(

Was a little afraid that it'd start pouring because that would mean we couldn't go anymore!

Brought my furry furry jacket just in case ;P 

Dear & I! Feel the couple-y atmosphere cos we're wearing white! 

"Been waiting my entire life for someone like you~~" 


Finally we reached!

Excited! Could feel butterflies in my stomach already.. And looked quite sunny aye? 

However, it started drizzling the moment we stepped out of the car so we had to go for Plan 2.

TWG at MBS was my 2nd choice and Dear accommodated me 'cos he knows I've been telling him about TWG for the past month and how much I wanted to go there... So he brought me there! :') How sweet of him.

Ordered Ace Of Heart Tea & some chocolate brownie cake along with tea ice cream for dessert. 

Am so loving the chocolate brownie cake & the tea-infused ice-cream! 

Well, we also ordered 2 macaroons at the side but the rose macaroon kinda sucked..

My baby boy! 

 & Myself hehe

As a tea lover myself, I love all kinds of tea.. Dear is not much of a tea lover but he found that the Ace of Hearts was good! So guys... next time if you're dropping by TWG at MBS, check out their Ace of Hearts tea, and the desserts please! 

The brownie cake is so good I could just literally die on the spot.

Brought my polaroid out for this special occasion but we didn't take much because the floor was wet from the rain and there were so many people around!

Love this shot of my bf~ So nice!


And this photographer offered to help us take a photo so yeah... hehehe 

Went up to MBS & saw that there's a bridge connecting to Garden by the Bay!
So we just strolled around the bridge, waiting for time pass since our reservation for dinner was at 8pm at Ikoi Restaurant, Mirar Hotel. (Japanese Buffet)

For dear's birthday/our 1st year anniversary, I'm thinking of booking MBS to celebrate heheh oh SHHHH 

 Love the view!

 So near yet so far...

Love this shot! Looks like it was taken in the afternoon right? But nope.. It was taken in the evening, when the sun was just setting. Heheh 

In the end, we didn't walk over to Garden by the Bay since we were a little tired from walking....
Just decided to rest at MBS awhile before heading over to Ikoi Restaurant for our sumptuous Japanese Buffet!

I didn't take any photos, unfortunately :(
However, the food there (other than sashimis - Sorry, I'm not a fan of raw food or anything in shells except for prawns hahaha) was really good! I miss the fried Udon, Tempura, Fried mushroom though..... So damn nice!  It's really worth the money and the price isn't that steep.

About $30+ for Japanese buffet for anything from the menu and if you love sashimi (raw salmon), it's worth the money! FREE FLOW and FRESH.

However that place was a little small and reservations have to be made especially for weekends. When we went that day, it was full house. (Thankfully I made my reservation 1 week before. HAHAHA)

I am sure that we'll last..... AND if money & time permit, we'd probably tie the knot in a few years time HAHAHA.

Well, let nature take its course!
Happy 1st year anniversary, baby. Cheers to many our years to come ;)

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