December Happenings

Friday, February 22, 2013

I know it's 2013 yo!
But I've been on a hiatus for so long that I'm so scared my readers will leaveeeeee :(

Hahhaa, anyway I just wanna blog about all the happenings during the month of December!
Yes, December was fucking awesome for me! So many stuffs going on and I don't even have time for myself :(


Dear and I went for a photoshoot with Touch Studios at Botanic Gardens that day, and we had so much fun with our photographer, Caleb!
(Go check out their Facebook page :) They have gorgeous photos!)

I was wearing my Missypixie romper and a pair of lace wedges (which was rather high) so during our photoshoots, we had to stand on rocks and walk through the rough terrains so it was tough for me. The photographer was telling me, "Woah, you're bringing high heels to another level man" HAHAHA. \

Dear was sweating like a pig & we had no idea HOW tedious photoshoots can get. So don't get deceived by all the glam and glitz of all these photos.. There're much more behind these photos.

After our photoshoots, Dear and I wandered off on our own, used my brother's DSLR and shot on our own :)

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos we took!

Gotta admit swans are the my favourite birds everrr~


Totally sums up the photoshoot :)

There were so many Christmas trees all over the garden! Such a pleasant sight :)

After hanging out at Botanic Gardens, we walked around town, before going to Marina Bay Sands to fly kite!!!!!!!

 Wheeeeeeeee :)

I forgot which day we went, but it was really fun!!
The admission fee for adult is $29 per person, and compared to USS the price is alot more affordable. However, the rides in Sentosa Adventure cove is rather limited as I've heard that not all attractions are available yet?

So this trip is actually a birthday treat from me to my boyfriend!!

Me looking really grumpy 'cos my boyfriend kinda pissed me off zzz. And I still remembered what happen. Cos he said I was too stubborn to let him help me with the float. And called me stupid. Hmph, I'm still abit angry over what happen. Hahhaa 

After that, we made up and.................................. took a picture

Okay I'm actually really pissed in the photo thus my face.
But I don't careee anyway wanted to try snorkelling but I HAD A PANIC ATTACK WTF.

I couldn't breathe when my feet started to not feel the ground, and I felt like I was sinking deep into the water despite wearing the float. So I had to be pulled out and waited for Dear to snorkel finish :(

I guess I can't handle deep water.........................
And the fact that all the small little children were snorkelling didn't help either, sigh

I wanna swim with you little fishiesss :( 

After that, it started to rain super heavily thus all activities and rides were suspended for a while till further notice. Had to take cover at the children's pool which had really pretty shelters and sofa beds.. so sipped our hot milk tea and coffee in this awesome weather. Shiokk

Anyway this was me earlier on. With the snorkelling gear but in the end, damn FAIL

So this was some of the photos that Dear snapped while snorkelling in the pool :)

Hehe, after that we retreated back to the children's pool again to refill our milk tea and coffee, and seek warmth in the warm children's pool~

After the rain, all rides were available again thus we ran to complete all the freaking rides!!

This was the slide whereby you have to carry your float to the top and swoooosh! down you go! 

 Dear with his float!

After that, we went to check out the stingrays!

Staff feeding stingrays! 

So many different types of stingrays! 

My hot man 

He went for the second round of snorkelling again! This time didn't bring the camera in so I snapped while he was snorkelling! ^^


After that, went to the dare devil pool and BOY THE POOL IS FREAKING DEEP SO I COULDN'T TRY THE RIDES :(
 I wanna try too but it's too deep...... I WILL DROWN

There are quite a few rides in the water theme park itself, and the best ride in the theme park had a freaking long queue so we went once only :(

Overall, it's pretty good!! I really enjoyed it and I wanna go again!!!

After swimming and eating at Malaysian Food Street, we went window shopping and the fountain areas to check the scenery out :)

Hehe so freaking pretty I love that night with my dearrrr :)

Anyway brought Dear to White Rabbit another night for his birthday!!

Yeah, we had brunch at Chockful of Beans, before going to Old School Delight to try out their drinks.. But sadly didn't try out their desserts :/

 Whee, snake & ladder!

Whee I love this! It's a combination of Milo and Tea and ITS AWESOME 

 Dear tried the Bandung something and it was sweet but still tasted refreshing and good though!

Wanted to try out the banana cake (I'm a huge banana fan) but didn't since we were going to White Rabbit to eat :)

Took the photos at White Rabbit with my polaroid that's why I can't post it up :(
But hope Dear enjoyed his birthday though :)

Another meetup with Jiale!
Been super long since I met this darling of mine and I was super excited to meet her :)

Went to try out the coffee at Chye Seng Huat Hardware and surprisingly, it was really good!
I'm not a coffee person but the coffee is really awesome..

The name is actually pretty much misleading cos Jiale started asking me, "huh is not a hardware store meh?" And when we actually reached the shop outside, we were wondering is it even a cafe in the first place?! It looked more like those run down shop selling construction materials. But there was a hidden alley that you have to pass through to the cafe! So damn cool :)

The interior 

Coffee and cake :)

Hehe, it was really good and an awesome day spent with the darling :)

Yes, I spent my new year eve with dear and we went to marina barrage to catch the fireworks!!
That night there was a band playing and IT WAS SUPER LOUD AND NOISY -_-
Apparently not pleasant to the ears at all. Zzz

Not alot of people that night, so really happy!!!! 

Love the view :) 

At 12am, fireworks came up and the view was magnificent!


And that was how I spent my last week of 2012~~

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  1. what cam are you using? :)

    1. Hey dear, I'm using Canon S100 for my photos :)

  2. Cool, but how did you bring it to Adventure Cove? Waterproof case?


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