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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hey guys, if you've been following me closely on Instagram, by then you should know I'm now sticking to a healthy diet whereby I'm doing a lot of CLEAN EATING, which means no PROCESSED food, no ARTIFICIAL sugar, mainly just organic, whole food and TRAINING INSANE (I've been hitting the gym 3-4times a week, with high intensity workouts) :)

I really WANT and need to shed off the extra kilos for this upcoming Bangkok + Pattaya Trip :(

It's really depressing to not to be able to give in to my temptations, but I know all these is going to pay off!
And goodness, the exercises and workouts I have to go through.. They make my whole body sore the next time, but I'd rather go through this pain that's temporary than to go through the eternal pain of not being able to have a healthy  slim toned body for the rest of my life!

After the trip, of course I'm still going to stick to this diet but not as strict as now, because I NEED TO SEE FAST PROGRESS. Haha. The fitspo photos on Instagram, together with those before and after photos are kinda getting into me, and I'm getting really desperate to shed the flabs off!!

As you know I've signed up with Celebrity Fitness in December last year, and I am literally making use of every body combat, Hatha Yoga, RPM session they have to LOSE THE FREAKING WEIGHT.

And yes, I've LOST 3kg! :)
Now, I'm still sticking religiously to my plan (having a cheat day once or twice a week) by clean eating and training mean to reach my ultimate goal weight! (5kg more to go!)

I'm now trying out a few diet and workout regime by hot (and I mean SUPER DUPER HOT VICTORIA SECRET MODELS KIND OF HOT) girls whom have lost a significant amount of weight!

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