7 Days Trip to Pattaya and Bangkok! [ Part 1 ]

Saturday, March 30, 2013

And yes I'm still kinda missing Pattaya (Bangkok? Not really :p) sighhhh. 
The food. The view. the company.

In this post, I'm going to write up about some must-see,must-do,must-eat lists and guides to Pattaya and Bangkok!

20th March 2013
First Day

We arrived at Changi Airport pretty early because we wanted to shop around at the transit area. Dear and I took Bus 53 from Central's bus stop and we reached Changi Airport within 15 minutes. Hehe

Grabbed Subway for breakfast and we went to shop around in the transit area! Too excited :)

Cannot understand why these people from China made such a big fuss at the airport just because of their luggage and that they're not standing together with their friends or something.

They started shouting while queuing up and even the staff was quite irritated by them -_- 
Worst thing was that the tour leader was standing at the back and NONE of them understands english. AND THEY KEPT CUTTING MY QUEUE. Damnit. Zzz

Anyway it's Dear and my holiday so just ignore ignore ignore!

Lack of sleep.. But I'm pretty energetic and excited! 


Bangkok Airport was a two hour flight (compared to Phuket's 1 and a half hour) so I was quite sian during the flight.. I didn't get to sit near the window so I couldn't stare out at the scenery.

Noticed that our neighbour had a packet of sweets so I went to ask him if he could give me one. HAHAHA omg so paiseh but he also offered Dear.
(Zzz at first my bf told me not to ask better later he might think we got no money to buy sweets -_- SO LAME RIGHTTT)

Finally arrived! (with a throbbing headache) 

Whoop whoop empty airport! We like it :)

Turns out to be not that empty afterall. We had to queue up for a long time to get our passports stamped and collected our luggages afterwards.

Hmm.. Don't know why but this time when I took the plane, there was a sharp pain in my head followed by pain in the teeth, and then lastly, the back of my eyeballs. 

Wtf I almost cried it was DAMN PAINFUL! 
(Well later on, I found out that the pressure of the aeroplane made my sinus so bad that I suffered from a really bad Sinus infection for 6 days during my trip :(

Anyway upon getting our passports stamped, we headed to buy our 7 days Tourist unlimited 3g data plan from DTAC for only 299baht! It's just right outside when you get your passports stamped. It's very worth it because you get unlimited 3G ANYWHERE, ANYTIME for 7 days! :)

Next up, we went to the basement to buy tickets to Pattaya! 

250 baht per person to Pattaya and straight to your hotel :)
About SGD 10+ and it's a 2 hours ride, mind you! So have your lunch first before boarding the bus!
The bus actually departs every hour so no worries.

We went to the Airport food court for lunch and it was surprisingly good! We had crispy egg noodle and mango shake and yes, the mango shake is damn good! and it's so cheap!

Went to take the bus afterwards...

Finally arrived at Pattaya bus station and there was a mini van there to pick us up to our hotel! :)

For your information, Dear and I stayed at Sabai Inn, located at the north side of Pattaya and it's only a 2 minutes walk away from the main beach of Pattaya! And right behind us it's just Central Shopping Mall with Big C supermarket and so much more!

Quite a good location I'd say :)

Checked in, and our bed was SO HUGE! YAY! 

Pretty sand and shells 

It was quite late when we checked in so we headed off for dinner at MacDonalds.
Why on earth would we eat at MacDonalds? Hahaha it's because we wanted to eat their Samurai Burger! It's not available in Singapore so guys you HAVE to try it. It's pork btw, and taste DAMN GOOD.

They also have drinks like chocolate, horlicks. Love Thai's Macdonalds :(
They call it McThai. Hahaha so weird.

Went to Central Center afterwards!

It's an ideal location cos it's just right behind our hotel. And we kinda had our lunch, dinner, supper there cos the food is good! Especially this Thai restaurant in which I will talk about later :p

At Central Center you can find all sorts of shops, and there's this shop selling branded clothings at really dirt cheap prices, prolly those that they can't sell and it's all shipped here.
Dear bought a Nautica pants and I bought a H&M romper :) We also bought some toiletries and cup noodles to prep ourselves for this trip!

Further up from Central Center, there were also some night markets so I bought some bikinis :)

Best buy would be my romper! Dear bought for me a Triumph's floral bikini top (at the right side of the photo)  and it only cost $20!! 

Slept really early the first night because we were so tired :(

21st March 2013
Second Day!

We woke up pretty early because we wanted to explore the entire Pattaya (and it's quite big if u ask me..) so I had to wear my H&M romper and dear wore his pants la. Hahaha confirm take alot of pictures!

Ready to set off! 

 We had our lunch at Central Center, and we found this fabulous restaurant that serves authentic Thai dishes at affordable prices. In fact, they're actually considered pretty cheap! AND THE FOOD IS SO GOOD.


Scanning through the menu. The variety of food dishes are seriously alot! 

So we ordered 3 dishes and two rice bowls.
But they took quite a long while to serve and we were already famished :'(
There were a lot of Thai customers in the shop so this also made us more determined to stay on for the food.

A mini menu of their signature dishes on the wall

Our first dish arrived! Omelette with prawns :) 

Don't know why but whenever Dear and I eat thai food, we just have to have fried eggs or omelette. More shiok mah!

My favourite dish in the whole wide world. Stir Fried Pork with Basil Leaves 
(so sorry to make dear eat anything with basil leaves with me everytime we eat Thai food hahaha) 

our happy faces! 

Third dish: Egg tofu with mushrooms and minced pork 

Ready to dig in! 

The food is fantastic.
Sadly, I'm not a spicy person so the stir fried pork with basil leaves was a tad too spicy for me. But it taste SO good. Everything about this meal was really good! Our best meal in Pattaya :)

Went to shop around again in the mall. it's actually pretty big with some international well-known brands like The Body Shop, Watsons, Triumph. I like their pharmacy - Boots though! It's quite professional and they even recommended me this allergy pill to cure my sinus infection that really works, since I am allergic to antibiotics :/

Some pushcart stalls you'd see in the mall 

Dear needed a coffee fix since he was a little tired that day so we went to Black Canyon Coffee on the 2nd floor for a tea break!

"got milk?" 

Ordered this ultra huge green tea frappuccino and it's so good! I love anything with green tea :) And it's so much cheaper there compared to places like Singapore's  Starbucks -_- 

Dear's coffee. So nicely presented and decorated! \

Dear doing this 'thang' 

After that, paid for our drinks and went off to explore Pattaya!

 Just right outside Central Center. Dear got hungry again and bought KFC to eat -_- wtf lol


Would say that in comparison to Phuket, Pattaya beach is not as clear as Phuket's but it's definitely not that crowded compared to Phuket's :)

Yes, these Thai people actually offers you massages, pedicures, manicures, food while you suntan~ 

This Thai woman was walking around in the scotching hot sun selling sunglasses so we decided to buy from her! It was pretty expensive but Dear and I liked it :) Couple shades!

We walked to Mike Shopping Mall, Central Shopping Mall, and one mall that I couldn't recall :p 

Right outside Mike Shopping Mall 

I see that he's found a new friend there hahaha 

Absolutely love the sunset in Pattaya. it's quite the same as Phuket. :')

We went to another Plaza next, walked around before settling down to eat at this Korean BBQ buffet restaurant. It was quite cheap, about 359 baht / person and there's a free flow of sushis, tempura prawns, gyoza, puddings, ice-cream, jellies, chicken, beef, pork, salad, fruits and so much more!

HAHAHA like a goldfish :p 

Smells too good! 

There were quite a lot of ang mohs in the restaurant.. But trust me, most of these ang moh guys are with Thai girls with tattoos. -_- In fact, you can just see it anywhere at Pattaya. Ang moh guys with old Thai women, or heavily tattooed girls. Kinda turned off though.

After dinner, we went to Walking Street!!!

Walking Street is one of Pattaya's most famous attraction. It's fileld with agogo bars, transvestites, prostitutes, gays, whatsoever you can find here. Weird and amusing performers and all.

And yes, it is VERY crowded.

 Lots of seafood shops 

 Plenty of bars and beer, if you're an alcoholic this may just be your paradise, HAHA

I kinda liked this club though! It's so pretty :) 

 Went to catch Muay Thai afterwards. we didn't pay for the show, but just sat there and watched for free. Got chased out after that. HAHA

Cannot understand why people like to see others punching one another. It's such a terrifying sight.. The person had a bruise at his left/right eye and I just couldn't bring myself to watch anymore :(

And some amusing / weird performances we saw :)

Ah, Chucky's wife! 

This animal (I seriously don't know what it is!) is SO SO SO FREAKING CUTE I ALMOST WANTED TO STEAL IT BACK HOME :( It's like a baby, and the way it stares at one really makes you wanna melt :') We paid 100 baht to take photo with it. Quite expensive but ahhh!

Lots of artists offering to draw your portraits :) 

Anyway, Walking Street is not meant for everyone.
People who are open-minded will be okay with it but some people might find it sleazy, dirty and disgusting.
For me, it was an eye-opener cos I get to see more transvestites doing their thing and Dear even saw this trans grabbing this guy's balls. LOL

But it's still a MUST-SEE for everyone! Just that it's not suitable for parents with young children :)

Went back home and I JUST HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THIS.
When we were shopping in Central Pattaya, Dear bought this Jeffrey Campbell heels for me. AND IT IS REAL OKAY. SO. DAMN. FKING. HAPPY. I couldn't believe it!

I was so happy to find an outlet in Pattaya so I tried on a few pairs. Dear told me to buy the one I liked! I was like "Ohmygawdddd" so I chose this! :)

Bought this at Villains SF. They're an authorized retailer of JC shoes and they have such a huge collection of JC heels! Almost went crazy in the shop :)

22nd March 2013
Third Day!

Yes, we're off to Jomtien Beach!!!!
Read online reviews that it's actually much clearer and quieter than Pattaya Beach. So wanted to try it out :)

Woo, Dear is geared up! 

Super ready!

Dear and I went to Central Center again, but this time we went to Oishi Ramen for lunch! Yums :)

Ordered gyoza! Woohoo! 

Ordered my Stir Fried Ramen with basil leaves and prawns.. Yes now you know how much I really love anything fried with basil leaves :P 

Dear ate his rice bowl served with eggs, mushrooms and something more! Hahha 

The lunch was quite satisfying.. But it didn't exactly tasted as good as it looked :(
But I kinda still enjoyed my bowl of ramen! Hehe.

Off to Jomtien Beach!
We tried to bargain with this bus/taxi driver and failed :( He called us to get lost together with this angmoh so we went to look for another driver instead that charged us 200 baht for both of us. Quite expensive leh!

Yay excited! :) 

And the heat is killing us man.. 

Finally we reached Jomtien Beach!
I found the area was abit boring -_- nothing much to see or do except for suntanning and enjoying our mangoes, food and view~


Really enjoyed the day with Dear cos we finally got to relax and rest with such a great weather! It was sunny and windy at the same time, and we were enjoying our food more than the view actually, HAHA!

And I did pedicure for only 100 baht!! With scrubbing and plucking and all sorts of stuffs. 

Tadaa! My pretty nails ;)

Coconut drink!

Hehe feel happy in this photo cos I was telling my bf, "This is the first time you actually like take the initiative to kiss me lor! Everytime is I kiss you one zzz"

Hahaha woops.
Ended our suntanning session at about 5pm and walked around Jomtien area.. Only to realise it's so boring -_-

Pattaya's stray dogs are poodles? Walao.. Wts 

Had gelato ice-cream since it was so hot! 

We headed back to Pattaya area by a taxi/bus and he only charged us 20 baht per person! As compared to the trip earlier.. WTF -_- zzz. 160 baht difference yo!

We dropped off at Central Pattaya again, and went to shop around before heading out of the mall~

And there was actually a night market!!!!!!
 Night market means more food and more shopping :P 
And look at how crowded it is!

Central Pattaya. The biggest and the most high class shopping mall in Pattaya. Hahaha 

So happy at the night market with so many food!!! 

Cheap cheap things too~ 

Dear and I tried our luck in many of the game stalls trying to burst balloons but failed eventually.. HAHA
I even got myself a big black bruise because I fell from the fence wtf. So malu -_-

Takoyakis are dirt cheap here! Only 5 baht per ball so we bought 6! Hehe :)

Then headed to the deserted Pattaya Beach with Dear and we enjoyed our Takoyaki under the moon and stars.. Super romantic~ Just wanna go back to that moment again :'(

After that, takoyakis weren't filling for us so we headed to buy banana pancake drizzled with condensed milk and chocolate! THIS IS THE DA BOMB.



Haha, it's a must try when you're in Thailand. Their pancakes are shiok!

Then we went on back to the night market and continued walking. Yes it's super LONG as the whole stretch of Pattaya Beach is literally the entire night market. Took us about 1 hour and a half to go from the other end to the other end!

Some of the stalls we spotted :)

Feed them at only 20 baht! 

 Stray dog walking at the night market too! heh

Super tiring night for us since we've been walking non stop for the entire night. But Dear and I had so much fun and were absolutely relieved that our hotel is so near the beach :) So we didn't have to walk too far to go back to our hotel! Phew!

And this is the Hello Kitty cushion Dear won for me at one of the stalls. Only 80 baht! Haha just one try and he got it!

Been feeling a little bit sad cos I really wanna go back to Pattaya... :'(
I know one day I will!

Will be posting Part 2 SOON.

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  1. Hi, your blog is so informative. :)
    May I know from where you take the bus to Pattaya? With 250baht they will send us directly to our hotels from Bangkok?

    I am going this coming July.
    Would be glad if you can tell us.

    1. Hi there! Thank you for your kind words :)

      You can simply take the bus from BKK's airport to Pattaya. It's just located right at the basement. If not, you can simply ask any of the staff in the airport for help. :)

      I'm not sure if they actually will send you to your hotel now. You can check with 'em! It does not cost much. :) Enjoy your trip in July!


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