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Friday, March 08, 2013

Before I'm going to blog about my Chinese New Year, Vish's wedding and Jurong Bird Park this year,

Yes, I'm super stoked for the trip because I am not just gonna indulge in spicy good food, but Dear and I will also be bringing our sports shoes to Pattaya to jog at the beach!! :) 

I'm not crazy, but just sticking true to my new found healthy lifestyle!

Yeap, did a small research regarding to which part we'll be jogging and we decided the stretch along Beach road by the Pattaya beach would be the best! Especially at 8am? :p
Soaked in the warmth of the sunlight and the smell of the sea..  I CAN'T WAIT!

I will be sharing about my trip, tips, and MUST-SEE/DO, MUST-EAT, MUST-BUYS when I'm back from my 7 days trip so remember to keep coming back!

Just in case y'all are curious, I'm staying at Sabai Inn in Pattaya and KC Place in Bangkok :)
Yeap, have also allocated 3 days for Pattaya and the rest for Bangkok!

Right now, to GET to my bikini body as soon as possible, I'm going gym more frequently than usual, working out harder than I normally do in order to see results! (Sadly I know such things ain't overnight, and my belly is still here to stay zzz)

Two things to always remember is that EAT CLEAN and TRAIN DIRTY.
And no point training super hard and wasting your efforts all on junk food. Eat clean! 
You think models spend 2 hours of their day in the gym and the rest of the day sitting in front of the TV eating potato chips? NO!

Eating clean simply means no processed food, no artificial sugar, no preservative and ALL NATURAL AND FILLED WITH GOODNESS! Eat in its rawest/original form. Fruits, boiled/raw veg, protein - meat, etc.

And adding in a lot of workouts will help to reach your goals even faster :) 

The fitspo goddess I'm currently worshipping right now is.................................

I guess all the fitspo in the world (especially girls) really look up to her as their role model. P/S: She's a mother btw. and her body is so.......... GOOD. And she's shared that she eats clean and workout religiously :)

Alright, enough with the fitspiration stuffs.

2013 has also been quite an unexpected one..
Decided to buy a toy poodle out of the sudden as Dad and Bro and I were browsing through the pet shops in Pasir Ris Farmway.. We suddenly decided to settle on WellFonds Pets Centre and there, we bought Milo!! :)

He's such a darling, and when we got him, he was only 2 months + old! Right now, he's already 3 months + :)
And he never fails to bring joy and laughter to the whole family with his silly antics!

I will upload a good photo of him when he's not too.. mischievous! Hehe.

This year's Chinese New Year was the first time I was bringing a boy to meet my paternal relatives so I was a little jittery about how everything will turn out..

Dear & I! 

Overall, everything went alright and not too bad! Hehe ^^
Every CNY is the same for me so it's not a big deal.. The only big deal was when we went back to Ipoh 3 years back to celebrate CNY! Wooo, super memorable :)

Vish's my best friend's sister and I got invited to their beach wedding at East Coast Park held at Mana Mana Beach Cafe! :')

It was so pretty!!!!! (Like those you see in TVs)
Everything, the atmosphere, the flowers, the bicycle trishaw fitted so well into the theme. And their wedding gifts they even gave out candles in the shape of sea shells!

Went to have a drink with the Bestfriend and him to cool ourselves down in the hot weather~ 

After that, we went back to the function room as they were preparing to toast and to have our lunch!
 Hehe siblings giving their speeches

Pretty bride! 

And the pretty bridesmaid heheh~ 

Love wedding parties!!

Anyway, a few days later Dear had an off day so we went to have Korean BBQ for dinner! :D
Yeah, Korean BBQ is prolly my fave right now cos ever since the one we had at Malacca, I just can't get enough!

The Korean BBQ restaurant, His.tori was located along Tanjong Pagar Road!
Their service was really good and the staffs were really attentive. One even explained to me how to eat the korean noodle (SUPER SHIOK) with either the seaweed soup or just eat it cold.

It wasn't very expensive given the extensive variety of food available to us. The price we paid per person was about.. $22+?
Prawns, Sotongs and other seafood, Pork belly, Marinated Pork, Bacon, Teriyaki Chicken, Miso Chicken, Marinated Beef, and so many more (I forgot) and their drinks are free flow and is already included in the price itself!

Super happy after the meal ^^
There's also no time limit so you can just keep sitting there and eating the whole day. Hahaha.

Trip to Jurong Bird Park
Dear's been suggesting since forever for us to go Jurong Birdpark... So alright. LET'S GO.

I thought the Birdpark was quite boring since it's only going to comprise of mainly birds. But at the end of the day, I found that Birdpark is more interesting than the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari :/

At the entrance - Penguin! SUPERRR CUTE

 The kids section!

 Dear look so seductive here, LOL

Went to see the pelicans as the staff was feeding them and the entire pelicans crowded near the bridge and fought for food!

Apparently you can see most of them are fighting.. 

Sorry to say this but.... I really don't like Pelicans! They're so obnoxious and ugly :/ lol
The way they attack their mates are really scary!

The next stop we went was this area whereby we can feed birds!!! 
We purchased a cup of food for $2 and proceeded to feed them as we held the cup out firmly.
The birds from the trees will fly to our hands and started eating the food!!!

My expression was like that cos it was quite scary for me!!! Plus the claws were really... itchy HAHA 

And Dear, the brave soul was very excited and said it felt normal blah blah. Haiz :(

Some of the birds that we fed:

Went to the Waterfall station next.

The following station we went was the show!!

Super cute! Loads of flamingos ran out like kena chased by something~ 

Queuing up to take photos with the flamingos :) 

SEE the flamingo hiding behind? HAHA. I thought the flamingos would be super near us but sadly they're all so occupied with eating their food :(

After that, we went to the Lory area whereby it's an open forest whereby visitors get to feed them!

Super pretty colours! 

Hehe cute lories :) 

Attracted to one another~ We tried feeding them but they were so occupied with rubbing their head against one another :') 

Another cute birdy! 

Dear with all the birds! And they even started to climb all over his shoulders and all :O 

Fiery red and yellow birds! 

Over all I felt abit uncomfortable because the claws were pretty sharp and given my THIN skin, I couldn't take it at all :(

The next station was the Incubation center!
They actually has all the small little birds (just hatched) in a small glass enclosure that is adjusted accordingly to the darkness and temperature as the mother's body. It was super cool!!


Cute little bird~~ (Don't vomit eh)

Haha, that sums up my 2013 currently.
Will be going BKK in less than 2 weeks time and I'm so excited!!!! :)

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