7 Days Trip to Pattaya and Bangkok! [ Part 2 ]

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Continuing from Part 1, we checked out at our hotel at Pattaya at about 11am!

23rd March 2013
Fourth Day!
It was a sad moment 'cos we really enjoyed ourselves in Pattaya :( 

Our last time with our room number and my huge less than $4 hello kitty head HAHA 


Would recommend people not to come here and stay though.
Though the room is huge and the bed is big but it's really dark and the heater is crazy. There's no kettle provided and you have to request it yourself -_-

Sigh anyway I stayed in Sabai Inn in Pattaya. So yeap!

Before we went to the bus station, we dropped by at Subway for lunch!
Told ourselves not to eat anything that can be found in Singapore but the scotching hot sun left us with no choice. I love that subway outlet there though!


After lunch, we took a cab-bus to Pattaya's Bus Station and bought tickets to Ekkamai (Bangkok) so we could take the BTS to our hotel :)

Waiting for our bus! 


And look at us.. Slightly sunburned HAHA

The bus from Pattaya to Bangkok was a 2 hours ride, and we finally reached Ekkamai BTS station. There were so many Singaporeans!! Prolly they bought the promotional tickets back then too.

And one thing about Bangkok is that there are hardly any working escalators/lifts! We were holding bulky huge luggages and we had to literally carry it and climb a whole fleet of stairs. And it definitely didn't help that the fact Dear was also injured and I was the one doing the carrying. Argh!

So FINALLY, we reached Ratchaphrarop station which is just next to our hotel! You can actually spot it in the train alr. Haha so excited!

Checked in and paid 1000 baht as deposit :(
Rested in the hotel for awhile before we got a little hungry and went out for dinner!

And the air in BKK is really DIRTY.
No wonder I couldn't recover from my sinus infection then :(

Messy BKK! But everywhere is shopping and fooood 



While we're at the pedestrian bridge crossing over to the other side

We settled at Platinum Mall's foodcourt and Dear and I ate their wanton mee. It was slightly cold and not that nice also :( I guess it was also because of a quarrel we had because of the balance in the card -_-

It's so confusing in BKK! Why the fuck can't we just pay in cash??! Zzz

So we walked around the night market around our hotel area, and already, we BOUGHT some stuffs! Hahaha, shopped more before heading back to our hotel to prep ourselves for a long day the next day!

What's quite good about our hotel is that not only the location is GOOD (just right below is Pratunam Market!), the massage parlour next to our hotel offers massages in our hotel room at no extra charge!

So we did a Thai massage for our whole body. Damn shiok!

24th March 2013
Fifth Day!
We woke up early, got ready and went to Chatuchak Weekend Market!

 Waiting at the station! 

We took the BTS to Mochit which is just about 5 stops away (super fast and convenient, no jams) and most of the passengers alighted too! 

We followed the crowd and though we're pretty early, there were so many people already! Mostly are Malaysians, Singaporeans and Caucasians. There are quite a number of Thai locals who went too cos stuffs are quite cheap there too!

Chatuchak Park. It's so pretty! 

Since we haven't had lunch, we settled for a food stall just right outside Chatuchak Market. We also bought Chrysanthemum tea and IT IS THE BEST CHRYSANTHEMUM TEA WE'VE EVER HAD IN OUR LIVES OMG

Basil pork with fried egg! YUMMY :) 

Hungry us can't wait to tuck in ^^ 

And yeap, just right outside the  Chatuchak Market. And yes, it is FREAKING hot. Remember to drink plenty of water if you're there! 

The first few sections of Chatuchak Market are usually catered to tourists cos it's mostly antiques, paintings blah blah but as you go further, there're apparels, IT gadgets, pets, bags and many more!

We even found the Pets Section! If I'm not wrong it's at Section 11 :)

No idea what this is called but wtf one of them was dead in the cage. and there was this other mate in the cage (thankfully alive) nudging it gently :( 

They sell puppies, and some even teacup breeds! (They didn't allow people to take photographs and some don't even let you touch the dog) 

There was one part I saw this family (they look like Adams NO JOKE) selling squirrels. And these poor squirrels had their necks tied to the rock or something and their movements were limited. Super sad sight :( I had my camera in my hand but I had no intention to take photo of her stupid stall but she started to shout at me "NO PHOTOS NO PHOTOS"

Omgosh Thai people can be such bitches at times ARGH.

The plus point was that the pets accessories, foods and bags are really cheap so I bought Milo (MY BABY POODLE) 3 shirts, 1 toy, and a bag! Hehe and the bag is so PRETTY cos it's pink!!

Walked further up and I saw this stall selling coconut ice-cream! OMG it's definitely a must try please!

30 baht :) Prolly the best ice-cream I've ever had!! It is TOO good. 

Hot and humid weather :( 

At one of the sections around Chatuchak Market 

We definitely bought quite alot of stuffs there cos some things are really cheap!
I remembered buying a top for only 50 baht (SGD 2!!) because I kinda ransacked the entire sales section at the corner. HAHA

But the feeling is shiok! I even got a super good quality white casual boyfriend shirt at only 100 baht! (SGD 4) Ahhhhh :)

Decided to go back about 5pm!
(And yes we did shopped for 6 hours and we only covered 30% of the market -_- IT IS TOO BIG)
And look at the crowd..... Omgeee -_- 

Went back to our hotel and bathed cos we were so stinky! All the sweating and all.. Yucksss
Later on, we decided to go MBK, to shop around and changed some money.

Also ate dinner at KFC and their green curry rice is TO DIE FOR. NOT KIDDING.
It is as good as the street stalls ones! Super awesome!!

Well after that, we headed back to our hotel :/ (pretty early since we were so tired from the 6 hours of non-stop shopping)

25th March 2013
5th Day
In the morning, I forced Dear to wake up to accompany me to go to Pratunam's Morning Market. It's considered as a wholesale market dealing in super cheap clothes, shoes, whatsoever you can find.

There'll be lots of shop owners lugging heavy bags around, buying clothes at wholesale prices. Some are even  shop owners from Platinum Mall -_-

I wore my specs and went down to join in the fun but the variety of clothes wasn't that big. Most of them were selling the same clothings and the designs were quite outdated -_-

So yeap, ended up not buying alot, but there was this particular store that I love that sells really pretty clothes at a slightly more expensive price than the rest. I paid about 600 baht for 3 dresses which is quite okay I guess?

After that, went to Pratunam Market in the afternoon to shop a little longer before going back to our hotel to place the stuffs.

Really pity Dear cos he had to carry my stuffs and go through thick and thin and the frigging hot weather with me, HAHA :(

In the evening, we went to Platinum Mall again!
The clothes wasn't that cheap, most of them were like 300 baht even if it's wholesale prices -_-

We walked to Central World and initially we wanted to have salt-crusted fish for dinner, but settled for the food shops in the shopping mall instead!

Walked around and decided to have our dinner at Shabu Shi!
It's a buffet steamboat that we wanted to try at Pattaya but didn't have the chance to, so we decided to have it that day! It's only about 359 baht/person which is super worth it given the huge variety of food!

Haha like eating sushi like that! 
Speaking of sushi, they also have sushi (free flow) tempura, saba fish, everything!

Super excited :) 

And our own pot too! 

Yes I took a lot of tempuras the moment the chef placed it on the buffet table. Hahaha cos the lady in front of me took about 10 of it!

We get to choose our soup (Chicken / Milk / Tom Yum) and wtf the chicken is tasteless while the milk tasted like detergent.. Dear and I decided not to eat there anymore ever again. And the food wasn't really that good either!

Walked around Central World and went outside for a breather.

Yes, Central World is huge and they have this statue of a Thai God where you can see all the office ladies praying to it!

 And just opposite is Big C Supercenter :)

Happy Dear and I! 

Walked around the street across Central World ~

There's street manicures available and it's super cheap! Just that they don't use OPI / China Glaze and stuffs. Hehe

Later at night, we went back to our hotel's massage parlour (we were SUPER tired) for a leg massage!
Didn't think the leg massage was that good cos I felt that they were just touching my legs, not really massaging it :/

27th March 2013
6th Day!

The second last day of our BKK trip :(
Mixed feelings about it cos I wanna stay yet I wanna leave at the same time.

People in BKK are so hostile!

Earlier that day, went to our hotel cafe to eat brunch and headed out to Pratunam Market!

Yes, I literally shopped till I dropped. Bought so many stuffs!!!!
Dear was patiently waiting for me :') and after awhile, I bought whatever I wanted and we headed to Siam area to buy his caps!!

In the free shuttle bus hehe

Went to Lido and he bought his super expensive authentic cap there -_-
About Singapore 50 dollars! But he said it's cheaper there so yeap!

After that  we went to MBK to see more caps (though not authentic) and again he bought some and a few shirts! 

We were really hungry but then, so as were were heading out of MBK, I smelled brownies!
Turned and saw this cafe "Mezzo" was selling cakes, coffee and their brownies looked heavenly AHHH

So I bought one and tried out. It was so DELICIOUS that I wanted to finish it all by myself but gave it to dear instead :(


 We went to Greyhound Cafe at Siam Center as recommended by many people and Ladyironchef himself, so decided to try out this cafe!

The menu 

After much consideration and researching (on the spot lol), ordered my ice blended Thai milk tea, Complicated Noodle, Bacon Olio, Greyhound's famous chicken wings.

Thai Milk Tea Ice Blended 

Complicated Noodle
As the name goes, it's quite confusing if it's your first time eating this! You gotta wrap the big piece of noodle with the garlicky tomyum sauce with the pork and lettuce. Super nice!

Bacon Olio
Served with olives, bacon, chili flakes and DAMN THIS IS SUPER GOOD! I was quite hesitant if I should eat this since i can eat aglio olio anywhere.. But I just had to try it. And I AM GLAD THAT I DID :)

 Greyhound's Famous Fried Chicken Wings

Our table filled with food! :) 

I guess Dear was really satisfied with the meal cos he kept on saying this is really awesome and super worth the money. It's quite affordable and not very expensive!

Given the standard of the food and the quality of service, it is something you will be willing to pay for :)

Walked around the mall and found this super cute cafe!
Nostalgic cafe with teddy bears, and pretty sofa seats and tables! 

 Toys are literally everywhere!

Definitely my next "MUST-GO" cafe! 

Siam Center is quite a upscale shopping mall with designers' brands and super expensive clothings. But it's really worth checking out, especially the food! 

Next stop: Siam Paragon!
We walked around but realised it is just too atas for us.. :P

Ended the night with a really happy and delicious dinner at Greyhound's. Prolly the best meal we had in BKK.

Next up, went to another massage parlour this time for a different experience!

We chose Maithai Massage since we had no choice only to realise they are so skilful and really good!
Initially we had aches all over the body but after the massage, the aching was pretty much gone!

And the staffs are really friendly :)

Went to the Pratunam Night Market for the last time and spent our remaining bahts on salt-crusted fish and mangos! Well-spent :)

 The fish had abit of a fishy smell but it's really nice!
They had pandan leaves wrapped in their stomach thus the fragrance and taste :) YUMMY!

And look at my tan line from Pattaya.. Ohman I missed it already :( My souvenir from Pattaya hahaha

Started packing our luggage that night and realised we bought so many stuffs!!!!!!

Hahhaa and my huge luggage didn't have space to fit everything in though :P

27th March 2013
Bidding good bye to our hotel room for the last time was quite hard since it's a really clean and nice smelling hotel with super good service! (Compared to Pattaya's Sabai Inn)

We also had our last meal in the hotel's cafe :)

 I just can't get enough of their green curry fried rice! SUPER GOOODDD

Dear ordered Pad Thai! Hehe it's a must try in Thailand cos it's so much better there! 

Oh well, I wouldn't miss Bangkok that much but I miss PATTAYA so muchhhhh.
I guess city life is not cut out for me.. I can't stand the polluted air, the rude people, the madness and the rush hours argh.

But I really loved the food and shopping though :')
Hope to be back soon!

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