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Saturday, May 04, 2013

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I love the month of April :)

Everything seem prettier and I feel happier though! Hahaha.

I know it's been such a long time since I last blogged about my Bangkok trip, about 1 month ago? Woops. 
Been super busy with work, family, boyfriend, Milo and people around me recently.. And of course, running my fitspo instagram account :P

Though I do have some time for myself but I'd be too tired to blog.. So today's a good day! 
It's just the beginning of May and I'm hoping this month will turn out to be a good one :)

April was really fantastic for me, since I just came back from Bangkok and I actually went out with my friends more often. Met up with people whom I wanted to meet up with, and went to the gym and ate (partially) clean as usual.. 

Wanna blog about my day outing to JB with my boyfriend.
I planned it quite awhile ago 'cos he barely has time with me (especially the entire day) so I made sure it was well-spent.

Researched a bit and decided to go for a food hunt (Most recommendations are from and also to do some shopping in malls we haven't been to yet. And not forgetting the night market (aka Pasar Malam) in JB!

Err camwhored once? Hahahah 

So the first stop we wanted to go was Teck Sing's famous paper herbal chicken.
I LOVE LOVE herbal chicken 'cos I just love anything that's herbal. Hahahha.

Sadly, it was closed till May so we had to visit the shop beside it. (Bamboo Cafe?)

Dear and I ordered sambal kangkong, Herbal Chicken (OF COS), and a egg tofu hotplate!

Sambal Kangkong 

Paper herbal chicken :) YUMMY! 

Egg Tofu Hotplate 

Everything (including 2 bowls of rice, 2 drinks) costed us about RM40+?

The food was okay, the herbal chicken was quite delicious but not what I was expecting... I'm still finding the one that can beat my Mum's herbal chicken. No joke.. Hers is seriously the BEST. (currently)

Next up, we went to The Store to shop around for a little while... But it was really boring -_-
Regretted going that stupid mall. Everything is so old and NOT in trend at all. The salespeople were just talking among themselves cos there's nobody at all. HAHAHA.

So bored that we went to KSL Mall instead! (Haven't been there before)
Dear has been telling me that the mall sucks balls but I'm like "really meh? why all my friends say like not bad leh?"

So he wanted to prove me wrong and when we went to the mall, he was like "WOAH.."
Hahaha he explained that he went here when KSL mall had just opened so most stores were not opened yet. And there weren't much people. But now he really likes KSL Mall now!

The basement had so many food!!!!!
I wanted to try out the Japan restaurant beside Seoul Garden.. but didn't had the chance to.

We tried their Yami yogurt (tasted the same as SG) and their durian crispy puff! (Dear did, and he said it was good!!)

Well we were really excited! Cos we loved that mall :)
There's even an organic shop there "Nature Health Farm" which I signed up for lifetime membership.
Bought Flax Seeds, Rolled Rye Oats, calcium supplements, olive oil there too. Yes trying to eat as clean as possible but it doesn't come cheap of course..

The stuffs there are so much cheaper than Singapore's. Especially chia seeds etc, so the next time I'm going I'll be stocking up on my chia seeds, mixed nuts and flax seeds for my breakfast!

We walked around the mall and it was quite a big one!
But decided to go grab a bite cos we were abit hungry. Oh yes, the Night Market Pasar Malam is just right outside KSL mall!

Take the exit at the taxi stand area and you'll get to see a long stretch of stalls to Hotel Paragon.

We walked the Pasar Malam and mostly they were selling fresh produce and food :)

 Unfortunately it was drizzling that day :(

I saw this Malay lady making some peanut pancakes and I had the urge to have one.. So Dear bought for me! ^^

AND OMG. This is DAMN DAMN SHIOK. A must try please! 

We walked along the Pasar Malam and they were selling all sorts of stuffs like fake watches, bed sheets, pet fishes, and the food were like sushi, mixed rice/noodles, salted chicken, penang laksa, carrot cake and so much more!

I bought my lou she fun (dry) and omg it taste about the same as Ipoh's. Miss it too much :(

After that, Dear and I were abit sian cos the Pasar Malam was getting a little more crowded and humid. So we went back to KSL Mall to continue shopping and we found this branded outlet store having massive sales!!!!!!!!!

 Dear was the one going crazy..

He picked up a few formal shirts and we got ourselves couple Ralph Lauren polo shirts? It's super nice!
I was abit hesitant about the Billabong & Roxy dresses/tops cos they didn't have much choices :(

We shopped there for about close to 2 hours? All the food restaurants/cafes were mostly closed so we had to go out and eat dinner instead :(

From JohorKaki's blog, one of the most raved about food place was Cedar Point Food Centre located just at the foot of Hotel Paragon. It's a little tricky to find it cos it's actually located on top of a small hill.

There were even people cabbing down at that hour just to have supper there!

We tried out the famous Hong Kee BBQ chicken wings, Sin Kee's sambal kang kong and Sole fish. Wanted to try out their BBQ stingray but Dear loved Sole fish so we decided to try out that instead.

BBQ Chicken Wings 

Sambal Kangkong

Honestly this meal is so much more satisfying than our lunch..
We loved the kangkong, and the sole fish!!!!!!!

Next up, we're so going to try the Japan restaurant at KSL Mall yo!!!!!!

Gonna blog about my trips on the next blog post!

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