Reviews & Happenings in June (Father's Day and Food trip!)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I finally got my first part-time pay that actually exceeds $1k! 
Well, I guess I got pretty excited when I saw the figure in my bank that NOW, AS OF 18 JUNE, I am only left with $100+ in my bank. AND YES I CAN HEAR THAT HUGE GASP FROM YOU. 

It's crazy how much I've been spending.. I paid for things that I guess I really didn't need, I paid for things that were on promotion, and some sports apparel, my healthy groceries, my bills, etc..... and boom! I'm left with only $100 for 10 days in this month :(

One of my most expensive buy this month was this Makeup Forever Starter kit (retailing at $155 at Sephora) that comes with their primer, HD foundation brush, and their HD powder! 

It's a good buy! I love their foundation and with the application of the primer and the HD powder, everything glides on perfectly. But honestly I feel that there's not much difference in terms of coverage between my Revlon Colorstay and the MUFE foundation though. They cover well and glides on with a pretty touch.  However Revlon is thicker in its texture, thus it can be cakey when applied generously but MUFE is of a much thinner texture. I'm still using both of them for different occasions :)

I applied the MUFE foundation for my grandma's 80th birthday.. As you can see, the difference is not very huge as compared to my previous posts of me having Revlon's foundation on. 

Anyway, June is a pretty much expensive month for me especially it's also Father's Day!
Took Papa out for dinner and movie at 112 Katong!

We had our dinner at Old Hong Kong Tea House :)

 Papa having his bittergourd pork rice. 

And my instant noodle with egg and cheese and chicken cutlet! (this is not bad actually) 

Dear's pork rice (Was super disappointed cos it is WAY too bland) 

My brother made it in time from Harbourfront! When I called him, he was still at Vivo at 7.30 pm -_- but he managed to reach 112 Katong at 8.10pm! Woohoo ^^

Ordered some dim sums such as pan fried dumplings, siew mai, and others together with our mains -_- It was so filling please!

Siew Mai

Cheese Baked Rice (which took 30 minutes to come, wtf)

I wouldn't recommend people to go there at all damnit. The food pretty much sucks, and so does the service. I had to wait 30 minutes for my drink too... And they took 15 minutes just to tell me that my drink is not available! Zzz. Plus the restaurant was hot and stuffy.. Bad experience :/

After that, we caught our movie at 9pm, Man of Steel! It was soooooooooo good! I loved the storyline and I love it when the evil guy dies in the movie :P

The guy was pretty hot too... *Drools*

Gotta catch it! Anyway I'm really super happy that Golden Village has taken the initiative to take one step further and implement english subtitles for certain movies at some of their cinemas. It really helps the hearing impaired community a lot and watching movie is quite important since you can learn and educate yourself at the same time.

With this action, Dear and I have much more movies to watch now! A big thank you to Golden Village.

Had an enjoyable night with the three men in the family :)

Love them too much! And my mum who's in Malaysia now T_T

 And just one last photo before we hit the sack....... :p

Yesterday (Monday) was soooooooo hazy! We were on our way to Johor for some yummy food but it was so hot! Thanks to the haze -_-

Nevertheless, it wasn't dampening our mood to get some kickass paper baked herbal chicken for lunch!

I blogged about wanting to go Teck Sing's restaurant to eat their signature paper baked herbal chicken (a few posts back) but unfortunately, it was closed that day. This time when we went, Teck Sing was open! Super happy that we get to eat their herbal chicken finally!!!!!!! WOOP

 Signature Paper Baked Herbal Chicken (RM 18)

This was so damn good!!!! Honestly one of the best I've ever had. The fragrance, the aroma, the taste was just right that Dear and I ended up digging for more (even though there wasn't any meat left :P)

Fu Yong Egg (RM 6/8) 

This is a common dish I'd normally order at most chinese restaurants. I love Fu Yong egg! It goes well with anything you order :)

Stir fried Brinjal aka Egg plant (RM 8... erm I kinda forgot)

I don't really like eating egg plant but this dish was definitely GOOD! Dear ate them all (though I had a few pieces) and he said this was really good!


With all the recommendations, they were even featured on Singapore's magazines before! 

The interior, a rather normal Chinese restaurant setting 

Had such a great lunch that we didn't even regret coming and getting stuck at the customs because of the lunch jam for 30 minutes.

After that, we went to KSL Mall to shop around, got my organic chia seeds from Nature Health Farm, got his hair cut by a new hair salon (It's only RM 28 with hair wash; their opening promotion) and went to get his car washed!

What'd y'all think? His hair looks so much better! And more handsome now hehehe sorry but he's mine yo 

 In my favourite pair of wedges again! This is so comfy I can prolly do my bodycombat in it HAHAHA

Some camwhoringgggggg omg I look like a man here -_- 

We went to City Square Mall next to walk around too, and I got some DHC products at only RM 10 each wtf!!!! It's a steal since they were clearing stocks and I just happened to spot their tiny sale section HAHAHAHA. Yes I am budget barbie and I love itttt.

Got my pore lotion and acerola extract for only RM 20 for both! Which costs only SGD 9? And I bought it from Watsons :)

Dear also got his branded authentic caps (Rebel etc) for only RM 60 each cos the shop was having some clearance too! Compared to the one he bought in Bangkok which costed him SGD 60+.. Mad expensive -_-

Quite a lot of promotions in City Square now so gotta go fast before the deals are over guys!!!!!

Anyway, City Square just recently opened a few shops at the top level which is mostly cafes / restaurants.. Am tempted to try the brunch menu at Delicious but Dear was abit skeptical about the quality and taste. :(

Hmm, but there's this new concept cafe (which is similar to Taiwan's) called T Bowl and it is so cute!!!!
The cafe concept is that everything is designed as if they're in the toilet! Especially the seats (toilet seats), soup, noodles, ramen are served in toilet bowls, and so many more! Super duper cute!

They kinda have a mix of western, asian, all types of food available. 

 The interior

And yes, the seats! 

Oh well, there're a few seats outside too.. :P 

 And "toilets" are supposed to have mirrors right? ;)

And the counter is in the shape of a bathtub!

Am going to visit this cafe during our next visit to City Square. Too cute to resist! And hopefully, the food taste as good as what they claim to be.. 

It's located at the last level of City Square :)

Dear and I eventually had our dinner at Sakae Sushi (Yes there's one in JB) and yum, the quality was still rather good! I loved the chanwanmushi and I had 2 bowls of it. LOL. Dear had the sushis on the conveyor belt and also, a bento set -_- I was wondering how he could finish all that food..

They're having a promotion for Citibank card holders, 1-for-1 pink plates so we had 6 plates of it, but paid for only 3 :)

Had such satisfying meals in JB and I can't wait for our next visit again!

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