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Friday, August 09, 2013

Omg.. It's been quite a while since I updated my blog (because of my hectic work schedule :( ) but be assured that I won't be abandoning this space anytime soon. I mean, not over my dead body hahaha. 

Anyway, I just came back from my Genting trip with my boyfriend and that's another separate post to blog about! ;) That getaway was definitely much needed since I felt like I couldn't breathe in Singapore at all :( It's so boring here! I NEED A BEACH GETAWAY AGAIN THIS YEAR!! 

Planning to go Langkawi/Krabi/Koh Samui/Bali this year or early next year but we'll have to see how our finances go :(

Going to blog about our dining experience at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar at Wisma Atria, Orchard!

The clouds were like cotton candy that day. Super fluffy that I wanted to jump and lie on them all day long!! 

 Was just bored in the car... Oh well :P

We went to Koh Grill & Sushi Bar for dinner around 8pm on a Sunday but it was already fully packed! There was also quite a long queue outside but we wanted to try the Shiok Maki that everyone was crazy over :( 

Do note that it's located inside the food court so it may be a little hard to find :)

Waiting for our turn! 

In less than 15 minutes, we were ushered by the waitress to our seats along the sushi bar counter where we could watch the chefs making sushi rolls for diners. Definitely our favourite seats cos we love sitting by the counter bar especially when having Japanese food!

We spotted this jar of live crabs and we couldn't help but ask the waitress how much and how to consume them. She told us the chef will cook them lightly and they're only available at different seasons of the year. I forgot the price but I remembered it to be quite costly because Dear and I gasped when she told us -_- 

Dear and I ordered quite a lot cos we had a light lunch and were saving our tum tum for Koh's :(
I can't exactly recall the names (Omg jap food names are so complicated la) so plss just look at the photos!!!!! HAHAHA

 I didn't have this. My boyfriend had it and he said it wasn't very good. :(

 One of them being pork belly.. But it was definitely not satisfactory. We'd have something better off for the same price.

The legendary Shiok Maki that everyone is so crazy about.. I am SO SORRY but Dear and I find it completely normal. Normal is not even the word to describe this. We didn't really like it cos the eel tasted weird. And the whole combination was so soggy..  I'm not sure if it's because of the huge crowd they have to accommodate but it was definitely not what we'd expected :( So the verdict is that..... it pretty much sucked.

Stirfried Yaki Udon... and it tasted really YUCKY. Again, the whole feeling in the mouth was very soggy and it was quite bland. -_-

The trip to Koh Grill & Sushi Bar was definitely disappointing but there won't be a 2nd time 'cos I honestly doubt we will be patronising there anymore.

Anyway something random............
How'd I look as a chindian?! HAHAHA. Okay I dressed up for my colleague's wedding ok... I loved the head accessory though! 

And oh yes, last month I had to send a very close friend of mine off at the airport, and it was really a last minute one :( Felt really sad.. (I always thought the happiest feeling will be at the airport since I'm so used to going airport for my flights to other countries for holidays) 

Jiale, Yan Mae, Gina, me and my boyfriend 

Look at her 'fan club' behind her! 

A final photo together before she leaves Singapore for a long 3 years :( So going to miss that woman. We're always arguing but that's what makes our friendship so fun and strong :')  

Last week, I got to go Paris Baguette (FINALLY) with Xinyi!
We wanted to have our high tea at Paris Baguette and their pastries and cakes all looked so pretty in our friends' IG photos :(

Of course.. the first thing we tried was the Royal Pudding!

The Original Royal Pudding and the Mango Pudding 

After having it, both Xinyi and my stomach started getting a little funny. I guess it was because the sweetness of the pudding was absolutely OVERWHELMING.  As a sweet lover myself, I couldn't even handle the sweetness. It was way too sweet for our bodies, or even anyone's bodies. It was like having sugar on its own! The taste was good.. but it's just too sweet.

 Baked Apple and Cinnamon Pastry

I found it pretty good, the taste was really awesome but the apple was alittle too soggy. Overall I still liked it, but Xinyi stopped at the 2nd mouth 'cos she didn't feel too comfortable with the sogginess of the apple :p

Au Chocolat Croissant 

This was really good. The sweetness was just right and the outer layer of the croissant was crispy. Love it!

 And I was really happy to meet this girl after what seems to be like a million years -_- 

Paris Baguette is originated from Korea for your information. Hahaha anyway we took the jars home cos they were too cute!! 

After high tea, we had ramen for dinner!
Had a hard time deciding what to eat since we were still quite full from our high tea :(

We walked the entire Orchard Ion and settled down at Menya Musashi, clearly attracted by the menu and the awards they've received. And it didn't fail us! :D

The crispy tofu skin is their specialty.. And it was really awesome! Xinyi's Duck Ramen.

 And the portion they served was quite generous, and the food wasn't very pricey either :) My Chashu Ramen.

Verdict was that it's really good! But I find Santouka still the best for its shio ramen.. it's literally shiokness with every mouth I take :P

After dinner, I met up with my boyfriend and his friends, Mike and Tina for supper -_-
Yes I'm a glutton.. I can't stop eating even though I'm full :P

We had Swee Choon for supper!
Portugese Egg Tarts, Mee Sua Kueh, Siew Mai 

We actually ordered a lot more like their signature Har Gaw, pancake roll with chicken floss, lor mai kai, custard buns, and some others I can't seem to remember :P

I think their best signature dishes are definitely their Har Gaw, custard buns, mee sua kueh, and not forgetting their Portugese Egg tarts! Every bite was like a piece of heaven ~~

But Dear and I thought that in terms of Chee Cheong Fun, nobody can beat 126's. Their prawn and char siew Chee Cheong fun is definitely the BEST at 126. (搵到食) Ahhhhh.

Alright, after all these unhealthy eating, I'm back to my clean eating fitspo life again! Especially after that 4 days of indulgence in Genting :(
Eating unhealthily has made my health a lot more worse so I'm going to tweak my body back to how it used to be - healthy and strong for long gym sessions! :P

So eat healthily people, and allow yourself to eat these treat meals once or twice a week ;)

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  1. I tried the Koh Grill recently, and had the shiok maki. I find it pretty good, though cannot be termed as extreme yummy.. Heard that the taste can differ depending on the time you went? Perhaps busy hours.. :)

    The ramen in Menya Musashi looks awesome.. Thanks for recommending :) ... and.... I saw my fav mee sua kueh!!! Haha.

    1. You're welcome! Should go try Santouka Ramen instead.. They're really good!


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