Yacht Party at Lazarus Island!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Yay! I recently got back from a one-day yacht trip last Saturday, and it was a blast!
Super tan now, but it's a precious priceless souvenir from the trip hehehe. 
The yacht was Richard's, so he charged us at quite a cheaper price compared to outside :))

Thankfully Dear has quite a lot of friends, thats why we managed to get so much lobangs, lol.

Ken's friends and us met rather early that day, and had our breakfast at Le Xuan Dim Sum at Changi Village!

 Tina and I on Mike's car

We reached SAF Yacht Club rather early, with Richard and Joanne there waiting for us :)

We set off pretty early! 
Finally reached the yacht :) 

 Ken & I on the yacht

The men 

 The ladies :)

Luckily my colleague gave me a pack of seasick pills for the trip, and for fear that I might vomit halfway through the trip, I took it so luckily I didn't get nauseous! However, Adrian's wife got seasick and vomited halfway. :(

 Single shot while the yacht is moving :) Across you can actually see Changi beach!

The captain and his wife! (Thanks for being such great hosts)

Ken and I :) 

 Plane spotted

There were also small showers throughout the yacht trip, but Lazarus Island wasn't affected at all! From the yacht,. we could see dark clouds looming over the CBD area. Thankfully we didn't kena the rain!
It was a short 45 minutes trip from SAF Yacht Club to Lazarus Island.

And there, we reached! 

We saw quite a number of yachts there, and a few angmohs suntanning on the beach. Hahaha the water looked so much better than ECP's/sentosa/changi beach's so it was really tempting to jump into the sea!

Peaceful quiet island with quite a number of yachts around 

Lazarus Island is connected together with St John's Island, but I wouldn't dare to jump into St John's island that freely as my boyfriend spotted quite a number of jellyfishes there.. :(

But anyway, we didn't get the chance to go St john's island, the time passed by too quickly! :(

The boys were the first to jump into the sea..


I have a phobia for swimming in the sea (because you never know what's in the water!) so initially, I wanted to stay on the yacht, but the trip would be wasted, right? :(

So with the group's persuasion, I decided to "take the risk!" LOL. 

Joanne gave me a life vest & swimming buoy so I was quite safe. Hahahah.
And there, I swam in the sea and I did panicked a little when my feet couldn't touch the floor!

But it was really fun! Watershot with dear :)

We swam near the shore so that I could recover from my first experience in the sea! AHH

Yay! Having fun :) You can actually see the rest swimming near the yacht HAHA 

 Dear <3 p="">

 And here's the unpolluted Lazarus Island..

 The girls :)
We were struggling so hard to stay still in the water! HAHA 

 Adrian found a really pretty sea shell!

 And girls being girls,of course we wanted to take lots of photos while being at a completely new island. hehe! JUMP SHOT!

After frolicking in the water for a while, we swam back to the yacht and the boys were already fishing while the rest were starting the fire to BBQ on the yacht! Yum :)

Within 10 minutes, the boys caught their first fish!!! It was really fast. AND it also made me realise that there are actually such huge fishes in the sea -_- WTF so scary..

Caught the first Parrot fish!

In fact on that day, they actually caught 3 different fishes!

This kena-squashed-by-stone looking fish.. Which we have no idea what it is :P

 And while they were fishing, BBQ-ing, I went back to the water and swam on my own.. There's something so calming about being in the water than on land. Prolly the reason why human bodies mainly consists of water?

 Of course, my boyfriend was the chef onboard, grilling beef patties, satsys, nuggets for us to enjoy~!

While swimming, they caught their 3rd fish, which was a HUGEASS garoupa! Omg I literally screamed when they were catching it cos it was so huge! Plus I didn't feel that safe to be in the water anymore.. LOL

Dear holding the garoupa

And its pretty heavy! 

Just a shot of us holding the garoupa but we're not the ones who caught it :P 

Some ladies shot again~  

Candid shot 

 Lovers' shot

And lastly, our favourite shot of us :)

Had such great fun that day, Though it was 10am-6pm, it felt like 2 hours only. When you're having fun, time really flies past.  I wanna go for my next getaway again!


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  1. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Hey there I was just googling on the rates of yatch rentals and i came upon your blog. I wanna inquire how much is the normal charge for the yatch? And how do you go about renting the yatch? It is an interesting post!

    1. Hey Cecilia, I got the yacht rental at a discounted rate because the yacht belongs to my friend :) I got a few friends who rented yachts for a few hours and it's about $300-$400. They said it's a lot cheaper to buy those deals from deal.com.sg/Groupon! Hope that helps :)


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