Driving Range Golf Session at Marina Bay Golf Course

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

If you've been following me on Instagram, YES I'm KFIT-ing every week. Every single week. Muay Thai, HIIT Yoga, Japanese Sauna and so many different activities! This week - Bounce Fitness which I can't wait :)

With the variety of classes that KFIT offers, there's just so many classes I wanna try!! I wanted something challenging and new, something out of my comfort zone. :)

So last week, I decided to sign up for...................


Omg if you're a commoner like me (lol), the thought of playing golf kind of intimidates me. I've always perceived it as a luxury activity enjoyed by wealthy people. (errr like Tiger Woods?) I'm really, really glad that KFIT offers special activities like that. A chance to experience a new sport & I wanted to find out how golfing was like.

Conveniently located just right next to Gardens By The Bay, the Marina Bay Golf Course overlooks the beautiful waters and skyscrapers of Singapore.

The photo might be deceiving, but the field is SUPER huge! 


The outfield is 270m in length. Really huge.. And the driving range has four storeys to accommodate a total of 150 range goers :)


Being really super duper new to golf, I wasn't too sure of what attire to turn up in, so I called them and the customer service personnel was so nice to explain what to wear (which was just covered shoes and something sporty casual) and told me that there's also shower facilities at their golf club too. :)

"Okay.. Now we're here. Where do we start?!"

With absolutely 0% knowledge in golf, I decided to take the last lane to hide and observe the pros at it. (hopefully to pick up some tips at the same time) Hahaha.

But thankfully D knew how to play golf!! So he was my personal teacher for that afternoon :P


Each of us was given 150 balls, while rentals of clubs from MST Golf are available at only at $10 :) 

"150 balls..  Let's do this!"

 Observing the others golfing. Most of them are by themselves and I must say playing golf is pretty therapeutic :) 

We finished the balls within 1 hour 30 minutes! Wasn't easy to finish the 150 balls.. Though there were several times when the balls flew right to the net and vanished out of our sight (lol), this is a pretty awesome experience everyone should at least try once in their lifetime.

My arms ached so badly the next day. So actually, it's A REALLY GOOD WORKOUT FOR THE UPPER BODY. Now we know why national golf players don't have saggy underarms fats. Hahaha. I am definitely going back for more golf sessions!

Book your driving range golf session at Marina Bay Golf Course with KFIT today :)

In fact, try out your first month at only $39 when you key in "GLADYSP" - Unlimited classes and activities to fitness clubs, facilities over Singapore anytime, anywhere :)

I love the fact that KFIT allows me to challenge myself with the variety of activities offered.

Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself today. The only thing that's holding you back is you. I'm working towards a healthier, leaner me - not because of aesthetics or whatsoever - but because I love my body to know that it deserves nothing but the best. :)

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