Beauty Review: STYLE 71 Shiny Air Cushion Foundation

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I've been spending so much on online shopping that I dread looking at my credit card bill when the statement comes every beginning of the month. Y'know, it feels like the monthly cycle that women always experience. Hahahaha.

Anyway I've been eye-ing on this new cushion foundation - Style 71 Shiny Air Cushion Foundation that provides sun protection of SPF 50+; so basically it's 2-in-1: Foundation + Sunscreen!

Apparently they are also the makers of IOPE, the infamous cushion that's rock the cushion world.

In my opinion, the worst performing cushion has gotta be Laneige! It can barely last up to 4 hours on my combination skin, and at the end of the day I look like a total mess; as if someone's smeared flour all over it. Blah. Moonshot is a tad too moisturising for me - but perfect for dry weather. I applied it everyday when I was in China (including hiking in the snow hahaha) and coverage was pretty good. #dontjudge

Why cushion foundation?

Probably the most convenient make-up invented till date! I usually have 30 minutes to spare after bathing in the morning, and my whole entire makeup routine takes up too much time. By the time I start applying my compact powder to mattify the face, I'd be super late for work.

Thus - Cushion is my ultimate saviour!

These days I can just keep snoozing (lol) and wake up late, knowing that the time taken to do my makeup has drastically reduced by 15 minutes :P

Back to Style 71 - they offer two types:

1) Full Cover Luxury Cushion
2) Mist Cover Luxury Cushion

After reading the reviews, I finally decided on Mist Cover Luxury Cushion mainly because of my combination skin. My cheeks and sides of the nose are really sensitive and dry whereas my T-zone can get oily as well.

Here's the comparison:

What really attracted me was their packaging.

I have a thing for bling bling, and they're really gorgeous!!

Gorgeous designs (Style 71 Shiny Air Cushion Foundation)

Now I have the chio-est cushion cover in the girls' toilet! *flips hair*

Anyway, I placed my order for the teal cover with pink sakura flowers :)

And it finally arrived in the mailbox just last night!!! Super happy when I opened the parcel. So gorgeous and I couldn't wait to try out!

Gorgeous packaging. And it has a very premium feel to it.  

I guaranteed you - it's even prettier in real life. 

 I was quite shocked when I first pressed into the cushion, because quite a fair bit came out!

The shade I got in was #23, because I (think) I'm pretty tan and I hate it when after applying makeup, my face is fairer than my body -_-

One thing though - the puff that came with it was a little stiff, which I didn't quite like. Think it'd be best to get your own puff and apply it. I love how smooth and hydrating the cushion foundation was! (yet not greasy at the same time)

The coverage was mad good, like really really good. 
I had a pimple mark just right below my chin, and it managed to conceal it flawlessly. Impressive.

Usually after applying cushion foundation, I'd top it off with powder to mattify my face - and in this case, I used Innisfree Compact Powder

At 9am: In the office. My cheek has some freckles + scars from my previous pimple outbreak, but the cushion has managed to cover them effortlessly. (Btw, I really love the Etude House blusher! Super kawaii)

At 9pm: After gym and a whole day at work. The coverage has slightly faded, but nevertheless still good. 

My T-zone still get a little oily, but only probably after 6 hours I'd say?

Though nothing can win my Smashbox foundation, I gotta say that this is a pretty impressive product.

And with that price tag?
Take my money! 

In conclusion, here's my rating:

Coverage: 8/10
Lasting Powder: 7/10
Value: 9/10
Gorgeousness: 10000000 (LOL)

Disclaimer: This product was bought using my own money, and this post is not sponsored/affiliated by the said brand.

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