Shopee Hauls: Best Finds under $10!

Friday, August 05, 2016

Been the most stressful week ever at work. :( Thus I've been de-stressing myself with Shopee!

If you don't already know, Shopee is the up and coming Qoo10! Been shopping on it every single day because their time sale are crazy. Crazy like $1.50 for CABLES with no additional charge with free shipping! 

Recently, I managed to grab Kose Sekkisei's Clear Whitening Mask at only $9.90 during one of their timesale events! (Was $12.90, but I had a $3 discount code too!)

One of the best-selling product among their range, this mask helps to get rid of blackheads, white heads and impurities in your skin! I used to do 3-4 times a week, but lately have been busy so my skin is kind of INFESTED with whiteheads. :( 

I used to use Daiso's charcoal mask, but I reckon their formulation has changed because it is so watery now and doesn't stick well! 
Have been wanting to try Kose's and when I saw it on timesale on Shopee, I knew I had to get it!

Goodbye to whiteheads! 

Taken after gym sesh and cleansing my face. It's pretty gooey like glue, and dries up on your face after 15-20 mins and that's when you can peel it off! So shiok to see all that gunky stuffs on the sheet. Lol.. Might be my holygrail mask afterall. :) It is rather cooling on the face as well! And my pores are visibly smaller & cleaner after doing the mask.

Here are some other products that I've gotten at real GOOD prices from Shopee as well!
Best finds under $10

Spaghetti Knit Top at only $3!! And the material is damn awesome as well. 
Omg this is CHEAPER than bugis street. Hahaha. #budgetbarbie

My favourite eyebrow pencil - Etude House Drawing Eyebrow at only $2.90. And yes, free shipping. 
I won't doubt the authenticity, because it works as well as those that are bought instore.

Omg my favourite purchase. Hello kitty toilet paper! Pangsai also happy with these cute Hello Kitty Prints. 

Hello Kitty Wireless Mouse. I got the one in pink, and it's really gorgeous in real life. Comes with warranty as well. Guess how much? $4.90. Free Shipping.

SK-II Signs Eye Mask. $1.90. Nothing to say.

Being the budget barbie, I love trial samples~ And 4 sachets of this Buckwheat Green Tea & Coffee was only $0.10. Free shipping. Mmhmm, I know right. 

I remember buying it from my favourite Japanese mart at Suntec at a promotional price of 2 for $12. 
Over here at Shopee, they ran a timesale and I managed to grab this at $3.99! Almost half the price of the so-called promotional price. -_-
And I ate them all within 1 day. 

Any 4 for only $3, and that works out to be only $0.75/pc! 
As compared to their stores which are selling at $2/pc. 

My favourite online store now, without a doubt.

Shopee, thank you for letting me try so many products at such affordable prices. Yay~

Check out their daily timesales here!

DIsclaimer: This is not an advertorial and I am not affiliated to Shopee in any way. Bought the mentioned products with my own money. 

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