Retarded people everywhere.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Early in the morning, I had a scolding from Ms Tan because I didn't bring my Science Prac. Book again.

Walao, I remembered clearly that I wanted to bring.

Anyway after school, Stephanie and I accompanied Thadsha to get her super duper new handphone. We waited for the stupid 358 for some time and it turned out to be aircon-less!

I swear there's this girl who kept staring at my face as if there's dirt or something.
I turned to Thadsha and asked her, "MY FACE GOT ANYTHING?!"

She said no and I started to complain that the girl keep staring at my face.
Oh and by the way, she's sitting just right in front of me (:

Apparently, in that horrible bus we did not know there were quite a few.. abnormal and retarded people on it.

As usual, we were laughing and talking loudly as we've always did.

Then there was this guy who was wearing specs and sitting at the three seaters kept staring at us as if he haven't seen human in his life before!!

I told Thadsha and Steph and we laughed again.

And that guy, kept staring and I caught him winking at us!!

This time, we laughed really loud.

He then stare at us for the million times and he turned to his right where nobody is sitting and put his finger over his mouth and 'shh' to the air!


The next retarded guy I'm going to talk about is the one who was sitting beside him.

When we laughed at the psycho who 'shhed' to the air, he was staring at us angrily.

And guess what he was doing?!
He was digging his teeth with the bus ticket!

He rolled it up like those cinnamon rolls and started scratching his teeth and even held it in his hands. Walao, damn unhygiene!

When I saw him, I just felt like vomitting at him and slapping his balls.

His unhygenie can cause bird flu okay!
What if he threw it out of the window and some bird ate his teeth shit and then spread to the other birds and the other birds spread to us?!

That's why don't ever dig your teeth with something DIRTY because it makes u dirty.
And when u are dirty I will get disgusted and post about you on my blog!!

The next retarded person is whom we've met in the Mrt train.

There were three nerdy guys sitting together like some gay association and they were like discussing about games and studies which was totally stupid.

The guy who was in the middle look pretty retarded and I thought he'd be something that I'd laugh about.

And it's true!!

Stephanie was staring at him and he looked back. His cheeks started to jump up and down as if he's having a cheek stroke or something and he showed off his stupid retarded teeth!

But I didn't see it of course.
She told me so as a retarded investigator, I have to simply check it out.

I tried staring at him for a moment but he didn't do anything.

So I looked away and I caught his cheek stroke moving up and down and he was like laughing like a retarted man!! Super retarded I tell you.

The fourth one is whom I saw at the bedok bench.

I was just resting my legs after standing in the handphone shop for so long and I turned to my left as an old man sat down there.

To my horror, he had his medical oil bottle sticking up INTO his nostrils and he was like sitting with his dicky opened!!

I was so horrified that I had to keep staring.

Next, he pulled his nostrils to an extent that nobody can do and he put his tiny bony finger and started moving clockwise or also known as digging his nose!!

I just can't believe my eyes and he sneezed without covering his nose!!
And at the moment, the wind was blowing his direction to mine and I quickly ran away from his contagious disgusting retarded germs!

Next time, I think I'll include their pictures inside my posts.

They are simply disgusting and I am glad I've met such retarded people :D

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