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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Just go. I've got a new love now.
I shall offend everyone for one day.

Okay, read the following terms below:
  • This post includes many many mr many (:D) offensive things.
  • Since you have read this, it means that you have no rights to object or persue or critisize or scold me regarding this post.

Mr Manfred was damn biased today. He kept putting my row in front because my row got a lot of big boobs women la. A-hem, told you this is offensive.

Anyway, among everyone I shall list out people who dance quite well. (This is true, which I seriously think so)
  • Denise - Got style!
  • Felicia Tin - This girl is damn talented la.
  • Weimin - Prcs Idol, of course.
  • Sandy - Because she's from ballet.
  • Thadsha - Very hot, can go clubbing anytime.
  • Thomas - Very CUTE!
  • JiaJun- Hard to imagine, but he's good.
  • Marinah - Dance very well and manage to remember all her steps clearly.
  • Sufyan - Cos he's very smart by folding half of his socks.
  • Gina - Very hardworking and adorable!
If you are not under the list (including me) , it means that it's just not up to standard.

Lol, I often make faces at some of them(above the list) because honestly, I can't believe they can manage to remember the steps all so clearly! AHHHH. I'm so jealous.

But DANCING don't suit me. Yoga maybe. I like calm things.


Why you call the uncle to teach us the ultraman hand thingy!!

Why you call the uncle to teach us to punch people!!

Why you call the uncle to hit mosquitoes!!

Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe :D

Anyway, I'll upload today's photos!

I want to live here with my future super rich and loving and devoting and faithful husband.

Heh, blur woman. But I love her! She's my laughin queeeeen.

Illegal gathering.


Heh, this is the OHP.

My Biggest Influence.

So the motive of this photo was that I just wanted the camera to focus on my hair.

Ps. You know what did my dad told me??!!
He said that he doesn't wash his clothes and himself for a week in the past!
No wonder up til now his hair is still so stinky. And he forced me to smell his smelly oily hair!! EEEEEEK!

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