Mints have been put to good use

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just when I was feeling down..

Just when I was going to break down..

Just when I was going to cry..


Without it, I think I'd been dead by now.
They give me a sense of security and I feel better after taking them :)

Sigh, haven't been really sleeping well these few days.
Guess what I saw in the mirror this morning when I woke up?

A half-living human with bloodshot eyes and horrible eyebags.
Hair was in a tangled mess and eyes were swollen.

Hahas, this must be one of the lucky years that I managed to look that bad.

Many things are running through my mind as I type every single word now..
But I can't share it openly, in the public.

Sometimes, things are better left unsaid.

Okay, I have to stop before this Gladys-is-oh-so-sad gets into your head.

Anyway yesterday, Sandy, Charlene and I went to Marina Square for shopping?
More like camwhoring.

We went to Yoshika or whatever that shop is and ate our lunch.


Damn, it was delicious just that the vegetables were not really cooked.

Next, we walked around and took a picture of the luminous floor!

And walked out of Marina Square due to boredom..

This is a fountain!

And we walked down the staircase..


Walked across the greenest grass ever..

And there, lies Esplanade resting peacefully in Singapore..

Sandy and me with her green tea ice cream!

We walked to the esplanade mall across the street..

Thank god, there was a art gallery thing, so it kinda amused us as we were quite bored.

And thats how we fell in love with the lift..
Just like how Romeo fell in love with Juliet..

That smile won't last long.

Went out of the museum again.. And just took photos randomly! hahas.

It was really bored and we went back to Marina Square.

Alas, we saw this retarded fish and we just had to follow it and make fun of it!!

A retarded fish.

Found another one.

My favourite fish!

Lalalalallax, we walked to Toy'R'Us and took a photo..

Apparently, we were sitting on this royal sofa but my camera couldn't capture it.

And I suppose thats all for today?

Sigh, I've to keep eating more mints to keep myself from doing anything silly.
Things like... crying?

I dont know.

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