Halloween was love!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I wanted to blog last night but I was kinda lazy...

So here it is :)

Halloween was so FUN!!!!!!

Jiale, Jiawen, Thadsha and I went to Escape Theme Park for some spooky experiences yesterday.
It was quite scary and everyone didn't dare to went inside because of the eerie atmosphere and rotting zombies were invading the whole place..

Haha, exaggerating :)

They were just promoting their nEbO club membership stuffs and in the end, we signed up -.-

But there was this snake man who kept disturbing us with his smelly snake(it's a real one!) and we end up running around like lunatics.

We saw Sandy, Charlene, Zena, Marinah, Denise, Weimin and her bf.
wm and her bf were really sweet together! :)

Then we went in and saw some crestians over there.

And there was this performance on the stage which we didn't even bother to go for because we......................

went for the SUPER MAN RIDE!

And I was wearing this skirt and it was flying all around!!

Everyone can see my panties already right :(
But luckily, I wore a black pants inside HAHAHAHA :P

Cannot let the guys eat my tofu okay good!

Speaking of guys...
There was this blonde guy with his little brother!

He was SO DAMN CUTE!!!!!!!!

Haha, despite all these cute little boys..

Nevermind, the fortune teller told me and thadsha that we would forget all our sorrows that have been holding us for so long....

In fact, whatever the fortune teller told us was exactly the same! Haha :D

First the rollercoaster! (VERY EXCITING!)
I was holding onto Thadsha's breast and accidentally plucked it off through the exciting moments but don't worry, I help her put back okay 123 good.

Then we went for the ride (spinning thing) and there was this super cute guy who suddenly showed me his beautiful brown eye..

And he said I also got brown eye too HAHAHAHAHA!

And behind us was this irritating bitch who interrupted me and his precious moments!

Woo your head laaaaaaa!!!!!

Then Thadsha and I sat on the spaceship (mind you, we are not aliens ;))

And this guy who wore specs with a bloody face came to disturb us.

At first I was asking Thadsha why both of us are the only one sitting on the spaceship only.
Then his head suddenly popped out of nowhere and I was shocked.

Then Thadsha was laughing.. LOL!!

And he went to Thadsha and put his face near to hers and she suddenly look at me and both of us started laughing!

We chatted for a minute or so and he asked us which school we were from and other stuffs..
Then he called my brown eyed guy and both of them put their faces near ours and both of us started laughing again.

Haha, it was really fun because they were friendly and..... FLIRTY!


"Walao that guy so cute eh!"


"Nvm, I go see other guys ;P

"OOoohh! I think that looks cute!"

Then we spinned around and laughed crazily and even though it wasn't that thrilling, we screamed for fun! :)

When it was over, everyone started lifting their thing and was leaving and we were the only one left!

"gladys pngggg how to lift up??!!"
"-laugh- i dont know!! why the others can lift one??"
"i can lift up already!!!!!"
"gladys pnggg help me!!!!!!!!!"

Lol, I was helping her to lift up but it was so hard and in the end I knocked my leg against the stupid spaceship!

Then THADSHA'S SAVIOUR ran over and laughed at us!

"Haha, need my help right?"

He lifted up and Thadsha sweared, "Suck my blood la!!"

Lol, then I didn't hear what he said to her but he put his hands over her waist and she didn't even know it laa!

Hahas, and we called him the oolala guy.

When we were leaving, he said "Bye darlings!"

Lols, sweet laa.
If not he wouldn't have captured Thadsha's heart! Haha :P

Then we went for the fortune telling and the parrot was really damn adorable :)

And we walked to the stage and watched the performance.

This one look like lee moy moy! HAHAHAHAHA

Thadsha said that this was my boyfriend.. Quite cute eh :)

The host wanted 5 groups of 4 on the stage and we quickly joined!

Call us crazy man, but it's only once in a lifetime..

Then we chose Thadsha as the leader and we dressed her as a mummy.

We were second and didn't win the first prize.. :(

But anyway, we got to appear on Straits times and Channel 5!
Hahas, don't know whether true or not laa.. But I think the vampire is just joking with us!!!!!

Then we went to play the spinning spaceship again because......
yeah *ahem*

While walking to

We repeated the whole process again and went home around 11.45pm! :)

Here are some of the photos.....
The Zombies' Dance


Kinda nervous.. So took photos of our feet..

Haunted House :O

Me(I wasn't wearing a yellow skirt! I wore a black one okay!) , Jiawen, Jiale

Thanks girlfriend for the great night again, I love you all!

Oh and thadsha showed me some photos.. Pretty cute! :)

And Thadsha's favourite pic..........

And why the reason it turned out so good..

And here are some of the photos that I wanted to upload for this week..

Can you believe that the clouds were that black on that day??

2/7 horny boys! :) Gonna miss you people..

Red, Purple, Green!

Candid :)

2/7's prized asset.

Shopping for Halloween's items!
Ended up camwhoring :)

Clouds outside my house :)

Camwhoring on the last day of school.... :'(

She wanted me to do that! :P

When I have the time to take a photo of my witch hat, I will upload okay!

Note: My cough is recovering :D

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