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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Am finally back from a one month long holiday!!!!

Muhahaha, yes it's a freaking one month long vacation, and non-stop fun, laughters, adventures, food and soaking up the sun! Travelled to Bali (Indonesia), Krabi (Thailand), and lastly Kota Kinabalu! (Sabah, Malaysia)
This year must be my lucky year since it's not everyday that my boyfriend gets to travel with me for ONE WHOLE MONTH. He's working in the F&B industry so it's really hard for him to take off so I'm really grateful we had all these time to ourselves to bond and go through new experiences together :)

Meanwhile, I'm just uploading all the photos and (obviously) editing them in Photoshop cos they'll look even prettier! (and by that I don't mean photoshopping my face if that's what you're thinking :P)

Bali has been such a beautiful place, with great local delights, vibrant nightlife, and endless shops for us girls to shop to our delight - Think Roxy/Ripcurl bikinis at factory warehouse prices!! 

As usual, I'll be including all the reviews, tips and MUST-DO activities in Bali.

Anyway, the above photo was taken on Valentine's Day.
Yes, Valentine's Day! I spent my freaking Valentine's Day in Bali... Best moment ever :) Except for that one embarassing moment was that I was soooo stuffed from dinner at Mama San (omg I will blog about that later - BEST DINNER IN BALI EVER!) that I had to borrow the opposite pharmacy's toilet to puke my dinner out -_- Such a turn off but whatever.

But Bali has been good to my boyfriend and I! Except for the weather and some of the pushy locals of cos :(
We were practically HARASSED by every shop owners that we passed by. They literally grabbed my arm and I had to seek help from my boyfriend to rescue the distressed damsel.. Hahahaha. And one annoying thing was that we wanted to head over to Nusa Dua Beach but it rained the whole morning and afternoon so we sat at our hotel's nearby Starbucks reading up about the missing Japanese divers all afternoon. Bummer.

Other than that, it was really good!
Bought Ripcurl/Roxy bikinis and surfshorts at only like 1/3 of Singapore's retail prices?!
And the factory outlets were so cheap, way cheaper than SG's so called "outlet stores."
Food was good because we relied on Tripadvisor to bring us to the top rated cafes/restaurants.. Oh man I'm missing the food!

Well, stay tuned because not only is my Bali trip post coming up, there'll be Krabi and Kota Kinabalu too! :)

guilty indulgence

My Dream Bag....

Monday, August 20, 2012

If this was electric blue, it'd be a perfect combination. This bag is the ultimate sex. Featuring Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium! Super mad chio!!!!!!!                                    


Been spending these few weeks with my bf..

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tuesday was our 9th month anniversary, but this month we were pretty broke so had to maintain a low cost date but nevertheless, it was the company that matters most. :)

Dear and I went to the cosiest place in Pasir Ris, Buddy Hoagies. It's a cafe that I've been patronising ever since it's opened, especially during my secondary school days with my good friends. And everything seem to remain the same, except for the creatively designed menu.

It was a weekday, so we had Buddy Hoagies lunch set which is just $8.90 for the soup, main course, and an iced tea!

Dear ordered pan fried fish while I ordered BBQ chicken.

Pan fried fish, with onion rings and macaroni and cheese! 

BBQ Chicken, cauliflower and cheese, french fries!

Had a satisfying meal since we were so FULL. Dear found the food just okay, but I thought it was quite good.. Maybe it's because I've been eating there for so long, hahhaa.

Anyway, we took neoprints that day -_- Felt so ah lian wtf but don't question me why the idea kinda popped up in my head.. Maybe it's because I never took neoprints with my bf before? Hahah

On Thursday, some of us 2m05 girlies decided to meet up for a quick lunch @ Lena's at Tampines 1 to catch up with one another! Miss them so much :'(

Miss the old days when I get to see them.. and we'd laugh in class, hahaha.
The set lunch is quite cheap hehehe.

Beef Bolognese with red wine added! It's rather yummy :) 

After lunch, it was about time I had to work and Lydia had to go driving so we all took a photo! Hehe ^^


Yesterday was the last day of semester 1 and WAS SUPER HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally Semester 3.1 is over and it's time to anticipate my Ipoh Trip with baby and mummy!

Went to find baby awhile ^_^ He was quite busy so he left shortly after we met up :( But thankfully that night I went to meet up with him again!

Always the happiest to see him :') 

Waited for Xinyi for 2hours!!!!!! Hahhaha and finally she finished school and we went to shop for some school clothes for her, and I got myself a pair of flats which I am so in love with :)

After that went back to Dhoby Ghaut and find baby and he haven't ate dinner so we went to Kong Kee to eat our long awaited KL Hokkien mee.. just wondering if it's the same we ate at KL?

Along Geylang.. where all the great food are hidden here 

Ordered the highly raved food - their KL Hokkien mee.

Wow.. Looking good! We ordered the $10 which is the medium portion 

Yum yum Snapshot 1 

Yum yum snapshot 2! 

Can't wait to dig in...... we were craving for this like forever!

Myself ^_^ excited to dig in!

The Verdict: Our rating was about 6/10.
Not bragging but my maternal relatives are all chefs, yes even all my aunts know how to whip up decent meals, and the Dai Lok Mee (another name for KL Hokkien Mee) they cooked are seriously the best. Rich in flavour with a bit of prawn taste. However at Kong Kee, I felt that the noodle was seriously quite sticky? The taste was a little bland and just eating a few more bites it got a bit "gao wei." My dear, despite him being so hungry didn't even finish the plate of noodle :/

So what is the reviews all about? Singaporeans.. They seriously don't know what the real deal is. I doubt I will be coming back for their KL Hokkien Mee the next time, but I do wanna try their huge grouper.. Looks super tempting!

Today, dear had work at 4pm, and I had nothing on so we went for brunch at Changi Village at Chockfull of Beans.. Initially we wanted to go 126 @ East Coast Park (his previous workplace) but we ended up going CV since it's nearer to my home. I was a little reluctant to go CV cos they don't have parks to walk after a meal and beaches and pretty trees :(

But maybe it's a blessing in disguise cos the food at Chockfull of Beans at CV is seriously good!

Chockfull of Beans is this cafe at Changi Village, beside Chocolate Origins and they have really pretty latte art! They can do angry birds, puppy faces and many more. Heheh. They have NO GST nor Service charge!

Dear saw his ex colleague working as a barista there too.. And he was originally from One Caramel so I assume the desserts should be good? :P hahah.

Baby :) 

We ordered.........:
From Left: Cappuccino with a bear latte art! (Melts) and my Gryphon Earl Grey Tea served in my favourite tea pot :) 

Next up, our brunch!
Portobello Mushroom with Poached Egg topped with Parsley. ($11)
 This combination was like HEAVENLY and out of the world! When dear said we ate half half and exchanged, I was abit hesitant cos I love the mushroom!!!!! Hehehe. 

Dear ordered the top: Cubano Sandwich. ($12) 
It was seriously AWESOME with the pickles but I don't know what the meat was.. But you guys can go try it there. 

Super satisfied!

And you know what they say, when you eat something GOOD to kickstart the day, the day will go well for you! Apparently I believe it's true because it made my mood so good the entire day that I feel like I'm living in a fairytale or something.

Anyway my colleague was telling me to be a food blogger or something.. To try out new places people don't really know about and afterwards share all the hidden gems with everyone. I think my blog don't have such a high readership to do something like that though :(

Am looking forward to next week, it's dear and his colleagues' BBQ, meetup with Jiawen and passing her her personalised farewell gift.. and just working. :)

So weird not to have school anymore. But that is surely a good thing. YAY!


Our Off-Day: Lunch @ PS.Cafe, Harding Road

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Basically, baby and I wanted to meet about 11am yesterday since it's our OFF day, whereby I have no school and he doesn't have work :)

 But somehow he went to fishing the night before so the plan was kinda postponed to 1pm instead.

Anyway we wanted to have brunch for a very long time!!!!!!
It's been so long since I last had a proper brunch (except for eating those for staff meal at BBC when I was still working then) so yesterday meant quite a lot to me!

 We went to Dempsey Hill in search of a good brunch cafe/restaurant, however most of their brunches were in the morning, so we walked further down and settled down on PS.Cafe, with their super pretty scenic view facing the forest.

The interior design itself was very cosy and inviting, and immediately we felt at ease. It was such a pretty cafe!
The price itself wasn't very pretty but still, I guess their ambience is enough.

Looked through the menu and Baby decided to have Croque Monsieur, whereas I had Maple Roasted Pork sandwich! The food sounded too tempting :)

My handsome brunch date 

With his croque monsieur 

Look at how huge his croque monsieur is!

Myself with my Maple Roasted Pork Sandwich and Portobello Mushroom soup!

Yea, the portion is pretty huge too..

Was busy snapping away.. The ambience is just too pretty!

Love the font of PS cafe, and the flower~

Dear enjoying his Croque Monsieur :)

Our Verdict: We thought the Croque Monsieur ($24) was really good! The gratinéed montreux gruyere cheese on rustic bread was just the perfect combination. Super delicious! However, for the Maple Roasted Pork Sandwich ($24), it was just okay, because the Multi Grain bread was a little hard and soggy. But the combination of caramelized apple and the maple roasted pork was really tasty! The Portobello Mushroom soup was a little bland and not very smooth..

We also ordered drinks, Crushed Mint Lime Soda for himself and Peach & Lychee Fiz for myself. The drinks was really quite nice :)

Dear outside PS Cafe!

& Myself.

Overall, it has been quite a nice experience here.. Am wanting to come back for desserts!

Plus the scenic view is to die for.

After lunch, we were so full so we drove up to Tanglin area, and walked around the shophouses they have. They're so pretty yet traditional at the same time. Most of them were selling furnitures, clothes, paintings etc.

This Lotto Carpets shop has their own parrots gallery.. And it's super huge and noisy! Hahaha.

The lonely parrot.

Walked around to view the Lotto Carpet Gallery :)

And yes, they have like thousands of carpets for sale. All handicrafted by them.

After that, went to Bugis and bought my Hello Kitty matte screen protector! :)
Now it's so pretty!!!!!

Walked around Bugis and we decided to eat R&B by MOF. It's a new shop around the corner of Bugis Street, and it's by MOF so we decided to try it :)

And while waiting for our food.....
Camwhore time!

Oh look @ my bf's double chin, hahaha!


So he ordered a beef don and boy, we were in for a huge surprise! The beef don definitely took us by surprise because it was really good. And it's really cheap compared to most shops. With NO GST/Service charge!!

I ordered Ramen with Tonkotsu soup, and it's surprisingly good too! And it's only $8.80 nett? The soup was just nice, and the taste was really nice together with the cha shu!

Had a satisfying dinner and after that, headed to ECP jetty since it's our usual dating place and headed home afterwards.

Had the best date with my dear! :) Am looking forward to more Tuesday dates!


Am thankful enough

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I'm really grateful that I have my boyfriend by my side, knowing that no matter what happens, he'll be there for me. I may not be perfect at times, but he still accept me for who I am :)

He's seen my spectacles side, my fugly side, hahahha.

So happyz to have him in my life.
Despite me being a little sensitive and petty sometimes, behaving like a spoiled princess, but he still gives way to me and it makes me feel abit bad. :(

Me & Baby

When he stays over this is the kinda view I'll get, hehe ;)

Anyway just gonna blog about some stuffs that happened a while ago, about a few weeks ago?
I know it's late but I still remember everything vividly. Hehe.

Just so you know, on that Friday when I lost my laptop, he came down specially all the way from his workplace after work just to make me feel better, or according to him, "give me a hug," and we went for supper :)

Went to Xuan Le Dim Sum at changi village, which my family and I have been patronising for more than 6 years, hahaha. Love their fried prawn dumpling and siew mai!

Tried out their new custard bun.. It was just average. Wonder what's the craze over custard bun cos it's just average..

I LOVE/AM IN LOVE with this chicken mushroom steamed rice since forever :) Yum!

Went to JB with him to have our all-time favourite abalone noodle and our ai-yu jelly drink! Yummy!
After that we went to pump petrol and had his car washed.

The next morning, we walked around Downtown East and decided to have some Taiwan food for brunch, heh.

Xi Men's curry chicken cutlet rice! Super shiok :)

Well, another occasion was that after a day of school and projects (till 8pm), Dear brought me out to eat Thai food at Nakhon Kitchen , Bedok.
Everyone knows where is it except for me....... :(

He said the tomyam soup was really good.

Yum! Our dishes arrived less than 5 minutes!

Supposedly to be Kangkong but in the end..

Cashew Chicken! It was really good!

This tom yum. Looks normal but it KILLS. Hahah it was so spicy that the first time I drank it, I gulped down 1/3 of my water. But it was really good!

Basil Minced Pork.

After that dinner, we went to the nearby Ikea and did some "married couple" shopping.. Um, at least it did feel like we're married hahahaha. Oh well, he bought some necessities for his room.

And on Monday, went out with Dear and we walked around Bugis after he accompanied me to print my catalogue for my project. He changed his Iphone back to a Transformer logo. Super darn cool! He loves it~

Anyway headed to his house to have dinner cooked by his Mum, and we went to fishing with Fadly and Shahirah at Punggol Marina Club. I kinda was abit upset cos Dear kept on telling me "last one last one" and I was super tired that day and worried about Tuesday's presentation :/

But I wanted him to enjoy so I just said continue with his own game.. Hmm. But anyway he caught a really super big fish!

3kg! - Dear was super excited. Hehe but he looks so skinny here.. Sigh.

A closeup of the fish

The next day was my first presentation! - Sales Presentation!!
Did a few rehearsals.. But still felt nervous cos we didn't know what to say :/

Hehhe tired but waiting for our turn

After presentation, felt abit more confident!!!! Our group! With Najlaa missing :/

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