Rain rain, please don't go away.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So here's what I'll do during a cold and rainy day:

  • Eat steamboat.
  • Laze around.
  • Upload photos.
  • Update blog.
  • Mess up my room. (You might be asking, "WHY?"... Who knows why? That's what the rain can do to me)
  • Taking out some new magazines and start reading them again and again.
I've done all of them.
Except for updating my blog of course.

So...... what should I start first?

Bugis trip?

Uhh... East coast park or Expo outing?

East Coast park first alright?
There're million of photos awaiting to be uploaded into this post, hahas.

So, here are the pictures :)

Gina's legs :D

This chao ah beng wanted to commit suicide because he got no money to buy cigarettes :(

Stupid uncle charge us an additional $2!

things I bought from Expo :)

My adorable big-eyed cushion....

My pig water dispenser- $4.45!

"Is this a pile of shit?"
"NO!! It's my strawberry cushion seat.... HEHEHEHE! "

I regretted buying this. Waste of money.

Okay, I didn't edit them.. I'm really busy nowadays..
So, yeah :)

And yesterday's photos.....

Topshop! That black dress! -sniffles-

A glamorous pose for JewelFest '07.

Camwhorers in toilet doing serious business.

Ghostly but not scary :P (I was wondering why the ghost was so sad- MELDUAN)

Lol, ferocious monsters!

MUHAHAHA! (Stupid price tag above my head)

pig and kitten..

I am the uglier monster(DUH) scaring my own daughter!
(the other monster is blind because of the price tag! Told cha that the pricetag was evil)

Camwhoring way too much.

A simple post card and a splendid outcome!

Not forgetting my outing with Thadshaa!
Though it was just both of us, it was another great girls' outing again!

And bought this yellow off shoulder top..
(time to shed off those excessive fats)

Halloween's 31st of october, fancy a dressup party anyone?

Heh, just dug my closet yesterday and found some unknown tops.
They're nice!

Oh and by the way, there's this new bakery shop at Pasir Ris Central which bakes......

Teddy bear bread with chocolate fillings!

And thats the end of my blogpost for today :)

Ps: I think my brain's not working anymore. So please do not tell me things that will require the usage of brain cells and stuffs, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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