Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thadshayiniy just told me that I looked like EAI* in this photo:

*Name changed to protect her identity
I don't want to look like her because she is SO FUCKING DISGUSTING.

No offence, but she puts heavy makeup to cover that hideous face of hers.
But mine is all natural!

Just that I put some pressed powder, mascara, eye shadow and lip balm okay!

Not that I'm trying to say that I'm very pretty or whatever so, but I don't like her alright.

That's what I do when I don't like someone. DEFAMATION.

Anyway, yesterday Thadsha and I went to Plaza Singapura and watched this nice movie called "StarDust". It's a pretty nice movie, dreamy and exciting at the same time :)

The guy was super cute and he crossed the 'wall' to get a falling star for his sweetheart, Victoria who don't even like him at all!

I think this kind of guys already extinct la..

But anyway, he fell in love with the star, who was a very beautiful girl and who happened to be wanted by some witches because they wanted to eat her heart and become beautiful young women again.


There were some funny scenes too, and this freaking guy beside me was laughing like a retarded insane mad man!

Oh man, should have recorded for you guys :(

Took this in the toilet!

I think I'm falling in love with toilets that have automatic water taps.
And last week went to Lido and watched Bratz.
I almost cried okay! It was a nice movie :)

This angel was so happy to see my face.

This one no reaction. LOL

My eye.. (I wish)

Vintage theater?? Hehe.

Took this in the cinema

The happy part of the movie

There was this bangala who kept disturbing thadsha! lol


Haha, sorry for the boring post.

I was eating this jelly that could make me shit very well? LOL.

And when I walked out, I saw my brother's fucking friend who was so arrogant.
He was blasting the music "Beautiful Girls" in his retarded Nokia phone which was so irritating.

The quality was so poor that I could not concentrate what I was reading so I just told my brother to call his friend to lower the volume or something.

And guess what his friend told my brother?

"Eh your sister very what you know. My song right not her song!"

Don't need whisper laa!!!
You think I deaf or what??!! So loud even a deaf person can hear!!

This is my house and you have no fucking rights to do whatever you want here.
(Fine, not my house. My parents' house. But still, I'm living in there right?)

And how can he fucking say that?

So I got angry and fucked him off.

Warning: Don't irritate me in the morning.


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