Friday, November 09, 2007

Which is better?
Sony Cybershot T20 or PSP?

Of course it's T20!

Photo taken from Yahoo Auction.

Fine, maybe most of you are really crazy over PSP.

But to me, it's NOTHING.
Maybe it's because my brother has it.
BUT if you want to store games in it, you have to buy a super large memory card to store them because each games are at least a freaking 500MB!

And worst still, music files?

On the MRT, I often see people playing their PSP with their brains totally dead and not knowing they've missed their stop. So can you see how damaging PSP can do to one??

I'm not trying to change your view about PSPs but that's how I feel.
Maybe sleek and all, but there'll be better ones than this in the future!

Remember the craze over Nintendo DS?

And if you've never seen a PSP in your whole life before, here's an example:

Psp Lite -- Taken from Yahoo Auctions

Seriously, at first I thought it was like, ohmygod.
Who the hell invented this? It's so fucking cool!

But when you actually have it, you'll get kinda bored of it.

And despite all these, my father just have to buy a freaking PSP for my brother.

And worst of all, a silver one which is so FUGLY.

When I opened my mouth by a few centimetres to say the beautiful word "t20", my father told me "'Nuff said. I suggest you should just keep the word to yourself."

What the fuck is this??

How can my elegant and sleek and poise and pretty and beautiful T20 get defeated by the PSP??


And let me tell you the GOOD THINGS ABOUT t20!
It's a freaking lot better than PSPs for god's sake!!

  • In-camera editing (Which means that you won't have to edit it in your comp!)
  • Face Detection Tech.
  • 8.1 Mega pixels
  • 3x zoom in
  • DOUBLE Anti blur with IS03200
  • High sensitivity
  • 2.5 inch LCD

It's like the best man!

Sony creates the best and fashionable electronic gadgets!

I've been wanting that since last year, and what my father got me is a freaking piece of slow and ugly black laptop.


Nevermind. I'll BUY the laptop with my own money when I start to work!! :)

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