I learned a new sports baby!

Monday, November 19, 2007

This could just be the most surprising thing anyone could ever expect me to do.

I've just learned a new sport..........


It was hard to serve the ball, but I've got two great coaches,
Michelle and Hengxuan!

They were soooooooooo patient :)

Despite my stupid-ness, I managed to serve the ball!
(It took great pain because my hand was all red)

I felt kinda bad as I didn't hit the ball cos I was totally new in this area man..

Haha, but still enjoyable!

Jiawen was also new to it, so it took about..... 1 hr for us to learn how to serve?

Umm, it's kinda embarassing so I shall change the topic.

Anyway, it was really great to meet new people!
And all of them were really nice :)

Yeah, so Jiawen and I went to Sentosa with Michelle, HengXuan, Justin, Wayne and... Winston?
(I am really sorry if I got your names wrongly.)

Cool people.

I think I should have removed my nail polish before today's outing.

Cos it was quite a distraction and it was painted so horribly, ARGH!!

Anyway, didn't take much photos.
But most of the photos are with the rest..
(Maybe I'll steal it when I get the chance to, lol)

I don't know what Jiawen's trying to tell me but...
it seems like she's saying something starting with F? LOL

LOL! Jiawen and Michelle :)

I think I've only got these two photos in my handphone right now.

Pathetic right??

Lol, I really want to take more photos but it was kinda awkward.. so, yeah...

And we went to Cathay to watch Gameplan.

Anyway, sorry guys for giving the wrong timing of the movie!
So paiseh okay!! Thanks to my retarded Starhub.

But everyone was really nice so they were okay with it..
Aww :)

It was a nice movie but halfway through it, my bladder problem was acting up again and.. ARGH!

AND JIAWEN!! You were totally distracting me from walking!! LOL.

Thats why I almost fall! AHHHHHHH.

Anyway, we went to Plaza Singapura and went home after that.

The outing was like amazing race, but it was.... fun?

Anyway, here's a photo that I took at home while rotting.

It was raining at that time so here's the fab result.

Don't have much to post now..

I've got the photos from Jiawen now!
(SIA sports club)

That's it! I'm kinda sorry if this post is quite boring.

I'm just sooooooo tired. ARGH :(

I'm really happy to get over him.

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