If a girl cries for you

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Haha, was browsing through Friendster's dumb bulletin board when i came across a title,
"If a girl cries for you"

In it, it was written:

A girl won't cry easily, Except in
front of the person who she love the
most, she becomes weak..

A girl won't cry easily, only when she
loves you the most, she put down her

It's pretty true and it's something that a girl cannot control.

Firstly, it's fucking normal to cry for a guy whom you love(Or you think you love him) if he breaks your heart and did whatever dumb thing to hurt you.

The problem is that, guys will never understand how we girls feel so I don't see the reason why everyone is posting all these to "let the guy know how they feel blahblahblah".

And why is that so..?

Because they're not girls you morons.

Can they ever understand how painful is to give birth to a baby?

Lol anyway, yesterday saw a toy poodle with thadsha and it was so fucking adorable!!


I'm going to get it!!

When I grow up. =)

Anyway, yesterday was very fun!!
Especially the orchard road walking part! HEHE.

But the photos are all with Thadsha GRR :(

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