Skittles Club & Reunion dinner

Friday, December 28, 2007

Want to get famous?

Want to hold an important position somewhere out there?

Obsessions over Skittles? (some chocolate that taste heavenly)

If so,


It's a very cool club and the homepage is very very adorable :)

Besides, there're a lot of benefits you will gain if you join:

  • Make new friends
  • Get a lot of people to view you (Because they link your friendster so people can see lol)
  • More people will add you in msn (Because they link your email too..? lol)
  • Enjoy Skittles wholeheartedly
  • Friendly people (like me)
  • Adding Skittles as your friend in friendster and you will have an additional friend
  • Chatting in Skittles's tagboard :)

Currently, I'm holding the position as a VIP and also, in the hall of fame!

And my friendster link is there too, so must call more people join the Skittles Guild okay!

But the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy skittles :D

So what are you waiting for now?

Don't tell me your brain is lagging.

Do not hesitate to join the Skittles guild!


just click the link above

By the way, I am skittlesKITTYx!
The name so sexy right??



Yesterday, one of my primary school friends came back from Malaysia so we had this reunion dinner at Central.

It was drizzling and for a min, I thought it was bird shit.

Anyway, I don't know why the auntie gave us such a small table that we could not put our drinks on the table, lol.

Let alone putting our plates on the table.

I used to play with them after school during my primary school days

Who want eat mantou? Too bad not for you~

I'm very happy cos i'm the tallest here!! muhahahaha

everything changed so much :)

Fitness corner but everyone was moving so fast so couldn't capture their face :(

Oh, and forget about T20.

The salesman told me that the stock will not come out anymore.. :(

So I got a Samsung L83T instead.
It's 8.2 megapixel and T20 was 8.1 megapixel.

Lol, but got difference meh?

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the camera lah.
It's sleek, sexy and the pictures of the reunion dinner were all taken by my camera.

Here's a picture of it.

So the day before yesterday, Thadsha breast went my house and finally, we did our homework!
(This time we really do our homework but didn't complete our homework though)

She bought Famous Amos and it was so delicious okay!! :)

Before leaving, she decided to put on some makeup..

I told her she looked like a chicken plucking its own feather in the second photo!

She was sooooo happy.

And here's downtown east, telling us that it will be completed by the end of 2006, but until 2007 also haven't completed yet. Sigh :(

And that's me camwhoring with my clothes and bags all over. Hahahaas =)

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