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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Okay, I forgot to update this!


And I bought the most gorgeous jacket ever!
(Well to me, HAHA)

And she bought her old yet new shades and many gorgeous things!


"Can we take neoprints please?"
"No WAY!"
"Can we take the free one?"

HAHAHAAHAHA, we are the cheapskate breasts!!!!!

We never fail to look up while taking the escalator.

(First attempt: FAILED. Due to sun burn)

(2nd attempt: OKAY JUST FORGET IT!)

Oh, and remember that I mention about how heavenly P.osh brownies are??!!

Alright, so I bought the Em N Ann one.
(hope I didn't get the spelling wrong :P)

Pretty disgusting here because I took a bite.... AHAHAHAHA.

But it's chewy alright!

And of course, camwhoring sessions began soon after dinner!

These pair of legs seem to be familiar yeah................................ tsktsk.

And to advertise her gorgeous legs, she decided to put my leg inside toooo!!!!!
(Because I'm famous!!!!!!! Alright, I'm not)

There were so many blisters but my cute flats managed to hide them :P


I went out with Nick to Vivocity.

It was really a fun and cool outing.
Yup, we had a great time hanging out together, chatting and of course laughing at some silly things.

He treated me to Ben and Jerry's and we walked outside to enjoy nature.

We decided to catch a movie together and as he's eligible to watch Rule #1, I couldn't get in as I'm only....... 15. (Fine, I'm 14 because there's still quite some time to my birthday)

The security guard stopped me from entering and wanted to check my IC.

"Eh, show IC."
"....... OH FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! I DIDN'T BRING IT!" (pretend to cry miserably)
"Oh sorry hor. Cannot let you go in."
"But I bought the tickets.............."
"Go refund or change to another show lor."

But the thing is, I wouldn't be that stupid as if to change to refund my ticket/watch another movie.

Instead, I change my ticket to 'Horton' which I don't really show much interest in.

I ushered Nick to go in first and watch his Rule Number 1 while I waited for quite sometime before entering using my 'Horton' movie ticket and sneaked inside theater 10. (Where the Rule number 1 was taking place)

Haha, clever anot??!!

Rule #1: It's kinda sad... which I didn't expect the ending to be like that.

Why was it NC16?
Most probably because of the scene when Fiona Xie got fucked by Shawn Yue.

But the pregnant pauses are pretty scary....
Luckily beside me......... =)

After the movie, we walked outside again as the weather was pretty good.

But soon, it began to rain!

Guess luck wasn't on my side.

Anyway, I like this photo! :)

AND AND, there's a really cute shop where you can make your very own stuff toy!!

You can buy panties, bra, prams, handbags, handphones, shades, bed, wardrobe, gorgeous dresses/tops/skirts/pants for them!

I wanted to make a hello kitty stuff toy so badly............

And there were Hello Kitty shoes, bags, panties and many more!

But one SMALL bag cost $10.90.

So can you imagine how much the others cost?

Around $20 or so for a dress!!!!!!

It's a NON-LIVING thing.
And they even made prams for these things.

A waste of natural resources and space, to be exact.

What is the world coming to?!
But I guess it's pretty worth it when you see their cute and cuddly faces...

We walked to San Bookshop and finally, I bought my long awaited BOOK, SHOPAHOLIC AND BABY!

(I read finish it within a day. REALLY!)

Sophie Kinsella's books are the only one that can keep me occupied.
Also, the only books that can make me cry. HAHA!

(Well, I cried twice when Becky was confronted by that red hair bitch!)

Haha, we then headed to Terra cafe and had our dinner.

Tired, but fun.
(the tired part was because of my contact lens, argh)

Thanks for the glamorised day <3


We've been through so many up and down, so you're already like part of my life.
(God, this sounds really lesbianic but WE ARE BEST OF THE BEST-EST FRIENDS, so who cares?)

I've been kinda insensitive to your feelings somehow so pardon me for being like that.

But whatever it is, I LOVE YOU and our friendship will never ever change.
(We trust each other, unlike others)

And this morning, you send me this message

Do you know the relation between your 2 eyes? They blink together, move together, cry together, see things together and sleep together. Though they never really see each other, friendship should be just like that. Life is HELL without friends.

Haha, I am so going to agree on this.

Because we've survived so many crisis before.
(Not really crisis, more of a one month holiday. HAHA)

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