After a week.........

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I am so so so so so so so sorry that I haven't been updating for a week!


I'm somehow a tiny little bit busy..
With an online game.

Ahem, Nameless Ragnarok.
It's fun, and also helps to kill time too :D

My sin x with my friend

My high priest with my baby piggy


Die you ugly monster!!!

Here you go, bye!

Alright, I shall update the photos about this week!!!!

Thadsha and I paired up during Chemistry lesson and we did an experiment!
Hehe, the lesson was super crazyyyyyyyyy!!!

Ate Yoshinoya at Tampines.
It has been 100 years since I ate them..

Oh god, I WANT TO EAT IT NOW!!!!!!
The teriyaki chicken is simply....... YUMMY!

And Thadsha got sick of her food, so we took many many stuffs and started mixing everything together.

Her bodyshop foam, tissue paper, receipt, peach tea, salmon and sprite.


Okay, we saw a mirror...
(yeah, a mirror..)

Oh yeah, then I headed to her house and we were suppose to make MORE videos, but both of us were too lethargic and too full lor!


And here's a photo of the monster pushing her monsterous bed trying to cover the light.

Oh and she bought a sweet table lamp for me!!!!!!
(I paid her $2 -_-)

Then, I decorated it with the rose that Charmaine gave me on Valentine's day! =)
And some disney princess stickers on it.. LOL.


After school, we went to Whitesands, and I wanted to go Suntec City =(

But it was too late....
So Cherry, Jeslyn, Alicia, Thadsha and I just hanged out around at whitesands.

We bought some icecream for ourselves, but that Thadshayiniy woman had to leave!
(I gave her a camel face after that)

We were talking about where to go afterwards, and Alicia suggested going to Kbox.
Since I've never been to Kbox with friends, it was of course exciting!!!!

But before that, we headed straight to the Sushi shop first..

Jeslyn went to put her ice cream in the middle of the two fortune cats.

"See the cats like my icecream."

After buying, Jeslyn asked us whether we liked strawberries.

Suddenly she ran away and appeared with these sweet looking jellys!!


The jelly is so fine, and not like those $1, $2 jelly lor..

When you bite it, the jelly just makes you go... AHHHHHHH!!!!!

The strawberry is very sweet and juicy, and it's very very very nice!

Hehe, we went to Kbox but it was $13 per person.

So expensive and the woman purposely didn't want to introduce the package to us cuz it's cheaper right!!

We met Gina, Claire and Danette after that.
Went to bowling but there were no more lanes =(

Tired, yet fun!!!! =D

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