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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Re: Acer Product Enquiry Form

Hi Gladys

Thanks for your enquiry and I'm sorry to inform you that currently there is no advise from our management yet on whether is the Coral Pink be bringing in to Singapore at this moment yet.
We appologies for any inconvience caused.

Thanks & Best Regards
ACS Marketing Team
Jaime HO

I sent a email to the Acer's website, asking whether they'd have Acer AspireOne in singapore anytime soon, but guess not!
(Seriously, what's with the spelling? LOL)

Anyway, I've already got a new notebook, 4 hours already, still got a lot of battery! Hahaha :)
I love it a lot, more than any notebooks/laptops in the world!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, and my baby pink mouse is damn cute!!
(see previous post)

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