U know, I wanna upload the pictures badly.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I know, my blog's been too wordy lately.

I reassure you guys will see a better post with so many photos like it used to, okay?
It's just that I'm so lazy to upload pictures.

Anyway, yesterday was very fun!
Cherry and I went to eat lunch at KFC with Aaron, Amos, Weifeng and the 2/9 boys.

Met the 3/9 boys - Jun Hao, Ben bok, Chu En on the bus, so all of us went to KFC together.

After eating, the 2/9 boys left except for Amos and Aaron.
All of us talked at KFC, and ended up deciding to go to Ben Bok's house -.-

We went up to Challenger, Jiawen came and met us.

After that, we went to Ben Bok's house.

Haha, the guys played the playstation game, while the girls played cards.
I was having gastric pain (i think) so badly, that I couldn't even sit!!

But despite the pain, I won 2 rounds of game!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahahahahaha, I like the game - Bluff.

So easy to trick people..

And Jiawen tried to win but ended up saying the most ridiculous thing ever.

"15 10!"

Cherry then said, "There's no 15 cards of 10's!!"

Haha, exposed.

After that, we left Ben Bok's house and went home :)

Now, I will take off my contact lens, and update tomorrow!

Haha, oops~

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