Anticipated Formal Dinner!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Haha, the most anticipated formal dinner was just over!
(3 hours ago)

So after making up, wearing my dress, blah blah blah, I went down to meet Weifeng.
Waited for him for 45 minutes!

My feet was hurting like shit fuck, and I kept pestering him to come E Hub quickly.

Called Amos and Terence too, but they were unwilling to go E hub :(

So I had to wait for Weifeng, and we took a cab down to Whitesands, cos my feet was hurting so badly.

Okay after that, we met Amos, Terence, Yiyong and Leon at Whitesands.
After that, Shaun, Eddy and Michael came.

Oh ya, Terence lost his psp, and he got quiet for a while.
(Which means he's angry, haha)

I hate people who steal things la okay. Such fuckers they are.
Especially the one who stole Thadsha's handphone. The fucking thief still dare to hang up!

Here's Weifeng rolling up his 'paper' sleeves!

Michael helping him to look nice.

After that, we went to take the train, Thadsha and Guang hopped in.

We talked on the train, and Terence was complaining that I was embarrassing him -_-

Okay after that, we reached Marina Square, STILL have to walk in my heels to the Pariss Buffet place.

ALAS, we reached our destination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each of us had to pay S$40, so I had to borrow $10 from Yiyong.
But in the end, they decided to give one of us free, so each of us only had to pay S$35! :)

Alright, here are all the photos we've taken for tonight...

Hold your breath,
Because tonight will be the night that you're gonna see more than 50 photos...

Beautiful sunset

My japanese steamed egg!

Shark fin :D

Like a piggggg

Smart little boy

Ladies of the night





Im eating ice-cream, Weifeng!


Crazy gays :D

Think that this photo is damn cool :)

Me and Leon Lee :)


Casino Royale

Shortest, Short, Tall, Tallest

Oops, it's the toilet..

Arrange yourself people!

Shit you man!

Leon's sexy lips

Guang's head is gonna touch the ceiling

Had an absolutely fun day, people.



(Except the walking in my high heels part)

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