Birthday Surprise!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Omg, yesterday was damn surprising la!

I went to Thadsha's house, coz her mum was going to 'cook' for me, to celebrate my 15th birthday.

It was raining heavily, so Daddy sent me there.

I knocked the door, and waited for so long until she finally opened the door!!

When I went in, the decorations were up and it was damn beautiful laa!!
Colourful balloons were everywhere!!

Her sister, mother, brother and her brother's friend were all waiting for me, and I felt really touched :)

When I put down my things, ALL MY FRIENDS jumped out from Thadsha's sister's room one by one and I screamed -_-

I swear I was so shocked lor!!
There were Shaun, Leon, Amos, Weifeng, Terence, Jessie, Rachel, Guang and Eddy.

Haha, and Thadshayiniy was LAUGHING over there!!

Anyway, I love you all la.
The cake was very nice, all the efforts put in were very very very very sweet.

I love you all so much.

I love Weifeng's present! :D
(I'm bringing it to Malaysia with me)

At night, we bought snacks and rented movies: Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Las Vegas.
We watch the Las Vegas first, and it was super sweet!!

And Ashton Kutcher is so shuai can!!!

Shaun looks scary here.

We watched till 10pm+ and Shaun and I took a cab back home after that.

I hugged Thadsha and the balloon burst -_-
She ran up and got me another balloon, so right now, the balloon is currently resting on top of my bed :)

Anyway, photos from Saturday's celebration at Uncle's house!
(I don't have the ones I took with my family, my relatives, my cousins :()

Big Aunt helping to put candles into my tiramisu cake :)

Hiro wants to go out of the room!

Hiro loves me can!
(Coz i've got a very sweet scent; perfume la :P)

Angpao from Uncle Ricky :)

From my uncle and aunt :)

And much more angpaos, haha!

Tonight I'll be leaving for Malaysia.

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