Felicia Tin's Birthday

Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy birthday Felicia!
Your birthday party was definitely a blast :)
Super fun la!!!

Anyway, here are some of the photos I managed to grabbed from Marinah and Thadsha.

I miss hanging out with you guys..

2/7 '07 + Prcs students :)

2/7 girls!


Oh god, this photo...
I GOT HIT ON THE NOSE, and I still remember how fucking painful it was!!

I like this photo!
Because Thadsha and I were sitting by the pool thing~ u can slide down, something like wild wild wet! Super fun!!!!!!!!!! :D

The water seems like there are heads in it................. :l

Aqilah and me! :) I feel so tall beside her, oops. HAHA.

Haha, I like this pose we had that day!!

Pucker lips

I thought they were doing some funny pose, so it turns out to be like that..


Played the game truth or dare, but i'm obliged to post details about it.

"Whatever remains here remains here!"

Okay maybe one funny one - Felicia had a birthday kiss from Darren on her cheeks! :D

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