Goldilocks's Brownies..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm addicted to Goldilocks's brownies!!!!!
They're so damn nice..

Have got a whole box of it at home right now, thanks to my dad -_-

Took a photo of my brownies and compiled into a collage :)

Hehe, Mum cut it into 8 pieces and I brought it to school today.
During break, I gave some to Thadsha and Cherry and I managed to finish the rest on my own!

Alright, I'm such a fatass..

After school, went to look for Mr Singh again BUT once again, he was outside.

So we went to Buddy Hoagies and ate our lunch there.
It's been really long since we ate there, so it was really fun, especially with Weifeng's dining ettiquette -_-

Since I'm home now, I might as well just do a few sets of past year chinese examination papers.

It's so hard!!! Argh.

Nvm, work towards your goal Gladys!

Oh yeah, I might be leaving for Malaysia next Friday night.
I can't wait to see...................

恩恩 En en(front) and Grandma(back)!

My Shredded Chicken Hor Fun 鸡丝河粉 at Old Town!

Fatty Bom Bom cousin, Ah Yee, and my cousin Ah Kit

My Aunt who loves my brother and I a hell lot

Taking photo of my fatty cousin's buttcrack. HAHAHA

A view from my hotel's balcony at night in Penang.

Flying handmade kites at the hotel's beach

Finding weird creatures

Oops, back to my chinese work.


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