Conversation with Aunt.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Apparently, my aunt bought a dog (a few months ago) and it's staying with her and my cousin now. Whenever I go to Malaysia, I would stay at their house..

With the dog, I'm not sure whether I can handle all the stress coz I gotta run away from it just to get to my bedroom.

(HAHA, that's what I do when I go to Thadshayiniy's house. Hehehe)

After countless nights of insomnia, I decided to ask my aunt about the dog.

Me: Oh my god, is the dog big??
Aunt: It's alright la.. Not very big.
Me: Huh.. Actually I'm abit scared of dogs.
Aunt: Aiya, don't need scared one la.
Me: Will it bite?
Aunt: Hmm, it won't bite but..
Me: Waa, then I don't think I'm scared already.
Aunt: ... but it sometimes just bite you for fun lor.
Me: ..............
She suggested me to go and google the dog's breed so I did.
It's kinda cute....... (when it's a pup)

It's a beagle anyway :)

Who knows, I might just overcome the fear for their dog and fall in love with it! (Like how I did with my Uncle's dog and my cousin's puppy)

Anyway, I printed the photos yesterday :)

I gotta start preparing the day before school!
If not, I will have to stand againnnnnn :(

Okay, I'm abit hungry.

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