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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm dying at home.

Someone please tell me there's an extended holiday :(
I wanna go back to Malaysia.

Going to Malaysia..

Well, the coach I took was at 9pm.. I took a photo of the moon along the highway around 2am!

Reached Ipoh at 4am.

We went to eat breakfast. After that, we went to Aunt's house and changed our clothes before going to the wet market!

Watched Pokemon -_-


Back at Grandma's restaurant

The first thing we reached the restaurant, my brother and I ran towards En en and we hugged her!!!!!

Oh god isn't she adorable? :)

En en and her mummy :)
(Yeah, my aunt's an indian and she's really cool)

Car broke down

Played with En en while Aunt went to fix her car coz it broke down when we're supposed to go shopping on that day :(

My fatty cousin

He's so huge

Still fixing..

We went back home for awhile before heading to Parkson to eat steamboat~


Each of us has got our very own pot of soup!
Whatever you want to be in your pot of soup, just grab it from the conveyor belt.


You can set your soup's temperature too!


So remember to visit Ipoh's Restoran MP! :)
The food is superb!!

En en's new friend


Karaoke at E-Box
(Yeah, it's not KBox)

Feeding August

When we reached Ebox, we saw someone..
Hmm, someone whom my family hates but I can't seem to hate that person any more..

I guess he was kind of a victim.

Anyway, back to karaoke!

Dunnoe what song laaa

My brother

My cousin!

Well, I guess I'll upload the other photos another time.
My fat fingers are pretty lazy to type now..

Anyway, I made this video for my baby cousin..
I really miss her so much :'(

Play it!!
The person in the video who kissed En en is me, heheheh.

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