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Thursday, June 04, 2009

4/5's BBQ plans are already 3/4 done!

Now what's left is just:
  • Activities for the day
  • Booking the pit

I think that chalks are pretty cool!
You can draw on the floor (Well wash with the seawater later) and create your own hopscotch! COOL RIGHT.


Anyway, I'm heading to Thadsha's house really soon, and I'm starving k!!

Can't wait to buy the sambal fried rice under her house, hehe.

I've already started packing my bagpack for my trip to Malaysia, so I really can't wait!
Well, I still have to clean my house first..

Hmm, especially my room! It's in a total mess.

Aiyo, gotta run! BYEEEE ♥

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