PRCS 10th Anniversary

Sunday, July 05, 2009

After 2 days of not being able to upload photos, I can finally upload now!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday's 10th Anniversary was a blast, and it was simply so nice to see all our seniors and ex-teachers again. We even sat together with students who graduated in the year of... 2003? (I can't recall)

Anyway, Jessie came over to my house and I was damn fussy (and slow) because I was complaining how fat I was. -_-

I am so sorry, Jessie. LOL.

We reached late, so had to stay downstairs until Mr Ong's speech was over.. Yeah I know, it was super long cos we camwhored for quite sometime before going up.

We received a goodie bag that consist of a PRCS booklet that shows all the events that's been happening this past few years, a PRCS limited edition teddy bear and a PRCS file.

Me and Jiawen! It's been so long both of us took photos already!!

Haha, I love herrrrrrrr :)

Girls at the table

Denise, Liyana, Me, Cherry

Cherry, Me, Jiawen, Thadsha

Brandon, Cherry, Me, Jiawen, Thadsha, Liyana

Me and Thadsha; We love the background!!

Cherry and me :)

PRCS limited edition teddy bear...?

Denise, Liyana, Me, Cherry, Alicia

Jessie and me :)

Jiawen and me :)
(Look at the camera behind -_-
It was live can! Walao that means we embarassed ourselves already)

I feel so fat beside this skinny woman :(

Me, Cherry, Ms Koh and Thadsha! :)

Shot 2

Nawfie!! Haha, thadsha and i always disturb him during sec 2 heheh

Haha, his action is the same as the previous one -_-

Mrs Grace low and us!

Girls at the tableeeeeee 27

Disturbing Mr Leong who forgot my name

Me and Ghost teacher

Table 27!

Me and Zakee :) It's been so long since I saw him!

This looks better

Me and Iris!

Jiahao and me :)

Hanbin and me :)

Afiq and me :)

Me and Charmian :)

Me and Michael (sorry I uploaded this photo! LOL)

A better one :)

Me and Cherryy :)

Jessie, Me, Cherry

With Mdm Phyllis tan!

Miss Kek!


Ms Foong!

Mrs Sheri!

Us, again..

And again..

Me and Michael

Faisal and me

Me and Thadshayiniy

Haha, she love me!!

Aqilah and me :)

Constance and me


Me and jessie

Me and huimin

Mr choo!

mr shafi

@ dte chilling out


The day was over so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sigh, miss it so much :(

Anyway, Thadsha came over to my house today and we made some retarded webcam moving photo for her MSN display picture. HAHA, super fun!!!
After that we went to facebook and talk about 10th Anniversary and went jogging after that!

Walao, it was super tiring and we went to central to eat..

Drank bubble tea and went home to watch Prometheus and Bob on Youtube and we laughed our ass off!! HAHAH!

Gotta go, byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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