Happy birthday Kailin!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy belated birthday!!!!!!

(Wong Kailin :))
We've been good friends for more than 8 years!

Today, after school went lunch with Jiale, Yan Mae, Chinghsia, Gina and Thadsha! It was so good to hang out once again with them again..

After lunch, Thadsha and I went to popular then I tried to hunt for something while she was complaining about how nice the glow in the dark stars were.

T: "Walao you see!! Argh I want to buy.."
Me: "-_-"
T: "Wahhh!!"
*All the stars drop out of the plastic bag*


Lol super funny okay anyway, after I bought my things we were on the bus then her father smsed her that he'd transferred her $40 so in the end we went Tampines again and bought her GLOW IN THE DARK STARS STICKERS..

It just motivates me to take out my pen out to do maths..

Singapore should come out with more pretty pencil cases so people whose taking major exams like me will be more motivated lor!

After that I went home and quickly wrapped Kailin's present and took a quick shower and headed her house for barbecue!!!

Haha, I still miss the smell of it....
It's super nice! Especially the hotdogs, chicken and mushroom!

SADLY, We did not take any photos!!!!!

We just went down to the playground (our usual hangout) and talked ghost stories like haunted areas, blah blah etc..

Erm, actually Kailin took one super unglam photo of me but I shall not upload here.

Had tons of fun today!!

P/s: The pink glow-in-the-dark star is so cool!! It's glowing in my room now.. But I shall not take a photo of it coz it's the 7th month :S

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