How I spent National Day during the weekends

Monday, August 10, 2009

 Thadsha came to stay  over at my house on the eve of National Day, and we had fun!!

Haha, it wasn't as bad as she said la..

We had our own "popcorns" and "movie".. (Which I fell asleep halfway)
We SAW some things at somewhere.. EEyer.

Anyway, it was my first time to sneak in and sneak OUT of a NC16 movie..
ORPHAN! (I think I shall just watch online hehe)

We didn't camwhore.. Oh, SHE DID. LOL.
Cos the mood wasn't very... erm, pleasant at that time so we didn't camwhore :(

 We went for supper!!!!

My delicious cowboy noodle...
After the next day, she was still sleeping in her bed and I drew the curtains!!
"OH MY GOD MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!"

Lol, after that she washed up and went home..
I was super bored at home, typing out my Geography notes but luckily, Papa brought something back home........................................................

MY SAMSUNG DJ!!!!!!!!!!
My boyfriend is in it
Earphones :)

Muhahahha, I can finally get rid of that handphone which has nobluetooth no infrared and no music except for all the default ringtonesthat is super retarded.

Lucky this was there to accompany me during National Day :(

If not, I'd be bored to death. Thank you Papa!!

P.S thanks for the love letters Iris, Adriena and Danette, hahaha! :)

I enjoy reading them again and again! 

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