Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today is hungry ghost festival!!!!!!!
(If you see my post two years ago, I actually posted some rules for this festival, hehe)

I overslept and missed school today :(
Not forgetting cohort's photo taking session!

Walao, I want the poster so much can, argh.

While at home, I was so bored that I went to surf the internet and found out there's this "camping" event at Hua Song Museum (Har Paw Villa area)  during the Hungry Ghost festival!

You can know more about the event here.

I have no idea why people want to join such things, because it is so scary la..
If the supernatural is meant to be different from the mortal world, why die die also must explore?!

"Some things should left undiscovered. It is not very good to know too much about the supernatural world..  " 
This is what my grandmother told me!! I will always remember this line.

But still, I tend to be a bit KPO la.. Such things kinda add to the thrill and excitement :)

I'm scared, but I'm curious too.

Anyway, since Sfogs.com (The infamous ghost website during our primary school days) has closed down, something more interesting to replace our curiousity of the supernatural : SPI's Website!!!

Okay, I'm off to cooking my udon noodles now..
And I shall revise Mensuration and Properties of Circles later.

From today onwards, I shall not use such uncivilised sentences such as,
"Sian sia, need to do homework nia!"

I will be using elegant sentences with poise like,
"Why can't I be motivated to do that depressing pile of homework?"

(Anyway, I got it from Straits Times "In")


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